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GM Meetings

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Orlando FL

30 GMs and dozens of other baseball-operations executives will be filling the hallways, suites and conference rooms at the Waldorf Astoria, dozens of agents will also be on site, getting a face-to-face feel for the free-agent market. An offer or two might actually be presented, though it's unusual for free agents to sign this quickly into the offseason.



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The Orioles are said to be willing to at least listen on Britton since they need to reallocate monies for the rotation, he’s expected to get upwards of $13 million via arbitration after making $11.4 million last year — high for a small-to-medium market like Baltimore — and he’s a free agent after the year.

The Dodgers were one of the prime players for Britton last summer, but ultimately they traded for two lefty relievers instead — Tony Cingrani and Tony Watson. The Orioles had a tentative agreement with the Astros at the July 31 deadline, but Baltimore pulled out of it, either due to the medicals of players coming from Houston or owner Peter Angelos’ cold feet — or both. Angelos remains a wild card who could ultimately decide he doesn’t want to trade Britton, but it makes sense to shop him now, at the very least.

The Cubs are in need of a closer with Wade Davis a free agent, and last year were happy to take Davis on a one-year deal in a trade with Kansas City, a deal that worked out nicely for Chicago. Greg Holland is the other star free agent closer on the market, which is deep in bullpen arms but not star closers, meaning Britton could bring a decent haul.

The Orioles’ tentative deal last year would have netted them Colin Moran and others from Houston. Ultimately, the Astros chose to bolster their rotation by making their big trade for Justin Verlander, and that worked out even better for them.



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1 minute ago, birdwatcher55 said:

..or unless we eat coin.

Why would anyone want Davis even if they eat some portion of his contract as long as he's hitting .220 30 homers, 70-80 RBIs and a35+% K rate? They can get a homer/h K rate player on a 1 year deal around 5-6 million. The Orioles had a similar player at AAA most of the year. Milwaukee let a similar player walk last off season and he also signed very cheap. 

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4 hours ago, wildcard said:

A lot of teams look for 1B.   Trumbo? Davis?


Angels, phillies and cardinals are 3 more teams considering 1B options. Also tex, colo, clev, bos, kc, sea.

I hope so. I won't kid myself about a possible Davis move but if we could get out from the Trumbo deal that would mean a lot more flexibility. It'd have to be another bad contract though.

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8 minutes ago, Roll Tide said:

Another idea that might be feasible is Trumbo for Samardzija. He is owed 19.8 per for the next three years. 


Would you make ths deal?

You'd have to give the Giants a few pretty good prospects as well. Trumbo is a salary dump, Samardzija has real value.

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3 minutes ago, MDtransplant757 said:

Any idea on who our obligatory rule 5 pick is this year?

Teams haven’t had to specify who they’re protecting yet, so no.

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