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Redskins Rick

ESPN - Rating NFL Head Coaches

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Giants have already pulled the trigger.

Here is what EPSN believes the coaches are rated and listed by what category they fail in.


5. Hot seat: Headed out if things don't turn around in the final four games
4. Warm seat: Not safe if the season ends up a disappointment
3. Lukewarm seat: Not under fire but not disaster-proof
2. Cool seat: Safe barring a total disaster
1. Cold seat: No way he'll get fired



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Head Coaches are getting canned:


1. Lions

2. Bears

3. Colts

4, Raiders

5. Cardinals (Retired)


The Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts have all fired their head coaches, and the Green Bay Packers have parted ways with their esteemed defensive coordinator.


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1 hour ago, backwardsk said:

The top 3 paid QBs play for the Lions, Colts, and Raiders.

And that wasn't even Luck at QB for the colts.

Rodgers going down and the Giants losing every WR for Eli, had to have helped some QB get to the top of the QB Charts.

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