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Ron Meyer Died

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Meyer took over the 2 worst teams in the N.F.L. (the 2-14 Patriots in 1981, and the 0-13 Colts in 1986), and immediately got them to winning seasons and they continued to be at least decent after that. The Patriots went from 2-14 in 1981 to 5-4 in the strike-shortened 1982 season to 8-8 in 1983, and then a 5-3 start in 1984 before he was fired. When he took over the Colts in 1986 they were 0-13, and then won the division title the next year. Before he plummeted to 1-15 in 1991, he somehow kept a relatively bad team afloat for the next few years (9-7, 8-8, 7-9.) Player revolt or no player revolt (the Patriots in 1984), he got the best out of relatively bad teams in New England and in Indianapolis, even if the players didn't like him.

There were better coaches than Meyer, and coaches that accomplished a lot more than Meyer, but not a lot that took several horrible teams to respectability immediately. 


On another note, Meyer was the head coach at SMU from 1976-1981. Although Meyer's teams were very successful there, one of the most infamous scandals in college football history began during his tenure, and got progressively worse after he left under Bobby Collins (which eventually led to SMU getting the death penalty in 1987.)

Meyer was 76 years-old.


Late Colts Coach Ron Meyer gave Indianapolis 'a Glimpse of What Could Be'

(By Matthew Glenesk and Dakota Crawford)




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