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MS Considering Major Acquisition to Help XBox

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Sounds like Microsoft is considering purchasing EA, Valve or PUBG Corp. (makers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds).  Obviously in the early stages, so take it with a grain of salt.  With that said, either EA or Valve would be huge acquisitions for MS.


EA is a 3rd party publisher.  They have multiple licensing deals (NFL, FIFA, Disney, etc.) which means they would effectively be making games for the other two consoles, at least for the very near future until these deals expire or are reworked.  While I think it's far fetched, I think this acquisition would be the biggest.  Imagine all of the studios EA owns suddenly making only XB exclusives ... as well as not being in constant fear of being shut down or tampered with. lol  Suddenly, KOTOR, Titanfall, and Mass Effect are XB exclusives again.  EA owns sooo many franchises ... Dead Space, Command & Conquer, Dragon Age, Crysis, Medal of Honor, SimCity, Battlefield.  While I don't think an acquisition would have any effect on the current console generation, this would be insanely huge for the next console generation.

Valve would be just as big, but for a completely different reason.  MS has been trying (and failing) to make a foothold in the PC gaming distribution mark and this would suddenly give them control of STEAM, easily the largest digital distribution service in the business.  While a purchase of Valve wouldn't give them nearly as many franchises as EA, it would still give MS some big name titles: Counter-Strike: GO, Portal, Left 4 Dead, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life.  People have been waiting 14+ years for a new Half-Life and I think a purchase of Valve would pretty much guarantee a new installment in the franchise.


While I think some people would be excited for a purchase of PUBG Corp., I think this would easily be the purchase with the least upside.  PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is arguably the biggest game out there ... right now.  There's no telling what the longevity of this game could be, especially since there is literally zero single player or story to go along w/ this game.  I have to admit, I don't know much about this company, but has far as I know, this is the only game they make.  While I think this would be the cheapest of the three options, I think this would easily have the least impact on the XB.

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