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Amazon Fire TV

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Guys and gals, 

Long time Big Cable user here.  I notice over the past year my family and I have been getting more and more into the Amazon echo system.  We love Amazon Prime for streaming music and added Alexa Echo this past year.  Lately I've been noticing more and more content on Amazon Prime Video while at the same time Big Cable is either reducing content or starting to charge more for on demand titles.  So, I thought I would try out Amazon Fire TV.    I just bought the thing yesterday, and am still getting used to it.   I have the fastest Big Cable wifi which I plan on keeping, so streaming quality is very good on my old, 2005 model HD tv.   

My questions are more centered around content.  I notice some typical networks, ABC for example,  want me to register with my 'tv service provider' before I can view content on the Fire.  Others, such as CBS, have a dedicated subscription.  Having to register with my tv provider kinds of defeats the purpose of having the Fire, does it not?    Am I missing something here?  What if I wanted to watch the Oscars on ABC last night? Or more horrific, how can I ensure I am able to watch the Super Bowl if I ditch Big Cable and just have Amazon Fire TV? 

I am starting to think I will be unable to ditch cable tv entirely but perhaps can reduce my bill my getting rid of DVR service and keeping the most basic plan possible. I saw the other thread from two years ago on cord cutting.  For me, I don't mind giving up MASN if I can save some dough. NFL and Ravens games are a must to keep however.  I saw an Amazon Fire TV app for Sunday Ticket but it said something about blackouts for in-market games.  I am in Northern VA, so I am not sure if that includes Ravens as well as Redskins.    

Anyone have any positive or negative thoughts on the subject?

Much appreciated, 



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With some exceptions (like CBS and HBO), you still need to have an account with a cable provider to access those stations' apps on a streaming device. Those stations don't want you to cut out cable altogether, they just want you to be able to watch their programs if you are away from a television but have an iPad or phone handy. Some people get around this by "borrowing" a cable provider login from a friend or family member. That way you can access everything without a cable subscription of your own.

The Superbowl you should be okay with since that streams on Yahoo for free. Not sure about NFL regular season games and back out restrictions. 

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