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MLB The Show 18

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The new edition launches on March 27th. I had bought the last four years' worth (and bought a PS4 back in 2013 solely for the sake of this game) but it wasn't until 2017 that I really started to get into it. Maybe because watching the Orioles was more frustrating than fun, I don't know. But the Diamond Dynasty mode was very well designed and I wound up spending a lot of time on the game. Online gameplay had some serious issues and there were some other problems (particularly with tagging animations, base running and catcher animations) but it seems they worked hard to address many of those issues. And the offline gameplay was still the best baseball video game experience I've played -- and I must have played at least different 50 baseball videogames by now.  Plus it's an incredibly hard game to learn, it's nearly impossible to master the game but that keeps it continually challenging.

I'm really looking forward to this one. Some of the playable / unlockable legends confirmed for this year's edition include Babe Ruth, Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza, Albert Belle, Larry Doby, Vladimir Guerrero and Don Sutton, along with some of the classic players from before (Ripken, Griffey Jr., Ryan, Boggs, Schmidt, Sandberg, Ted Williams, Schmidt, Robbie Alomar etc.).  
If there are any fellow players out there, you can add/message me, my PS4 tag is:  asocial_grace  

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Mine is: cwjharris

I mostly play offline/Franchise/RTTS. Favourite game by far, and they've made some great small changes this year that should make a huge difference! 

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