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Star Wars: Episode IX

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After the very mixed reviews and opinions of The Last Jedi, it looks like Episode IX is getting a bit of a shake up.


Disney and director Colin Trevorrow have parted ways.  Seems Trevorrow was butting heads w/ higher ups at Lucasfilms (i.e., Kathleen Kennedy).  From what I've read, he was really not happy about The Last Jedi.  Both Luke and Snoke were big parts of his script/idea for Ep. IX and now he couldn't use them.  He and Kennedy couldn't come to an agreement on how to proceed from here and now he's gone.  Sounds like Rian Johnson was offered the job first (omg, that would have been horrible), but now J.J. Abrams will be writing and directing Ep. IX.  Because of the change, the release date for the film was pushed back, from June 2019 to around Christmas 2019.


Disney really needs to replace Kathleen Kennedy.  This woman has absolutely no idea how to run this franchise.  For those keeping track:

- After Gareth Edwards had finished filming Rogue One, Disney brought in a different director (and later, a different editor) to write and direct reshoots.  Sounds like the film was very piecemeal and what he ended up with wasn't really Edwards version of the film.


- The directors for the Solo film were both replaced after shooting was basically done.  Before they left, they had to bring in an acting coach for the actor playing Han Solo.  Disney brought in Ron Howard and he had to do extensive reshoots.  From the sound of it, he basically reshot the whole movie.  Even after that, initial reactions to the cuts of the film that have been seen are not good (reactions from internal people at Disney, not from reviewers).  From what I've read, Solo is a bomb waiting to happen and Disney has already written off the film.  It's one of the reasons it took so long for us to get a trailer and there hasn't been much marketing for the film despite it coming out in two months.


- One of the biggest knocks on Disney's version of Star Wars so far has been that Kennedy just hands a director a film and lets them do whatever they want.  There's no singular direct or focus like Fiege has for Marvel Studios, especially the main trilogy films.  Well, it sounds like J.J. Abrams DID write up a draft for Episodes VIII and IX ... but Rian Johnson tossed it and decided to do his own thing.  A comment by Daisy Ridley on Abrams involvement w/ The Last Jedi:


Rian Johnson and J. J. Abrams met to discuss all of this, although Episode VIII is still his very own work. I believe Rian didn’t keep anything from the first draft of Episode VIII.


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Forgot to mention, Jon Favreau is attached to a new live action Star Wars tv show.  No other info. as of yet, whether he's writing or producing the show.

I would have to think this is Disney's streaming service which is supposed to debut next year.

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