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Maryland OT Jordan McNair passes away

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So you have to ask yourself now, what happened, and who if anyone is to blame for this tragic event?  We don't have the details yet other than his liver was failing.

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    • Monday. vs. Royals.   Whichever Orioles pitcher is starting.  3rd inning.  Hunter Dozier hits it.
    • Oh man!  Big doings!!!
    • Scott Nashville is a musical town. Most people looking to make it as a singer, songwriter, or producer flock to either Nashville or LA. Nashville is diverse but there is plenty of country music concentration.  So ts not surprising that the artist reside in Nashville and it's likely the same booking agent was used to book them all. I think you are looking for coincidences that are probably not relevant. The fact that the Orioles are hosting country music events will make them no more or less popular in Nashville. As I mentioned a few times, I spent 12 years of my life in the music industry. The time included trips to LA, NY, and more visits to Nashville than I can count on my hands. Just my 2 cents!  
    • I’ll say not necessarily.    It’s more about the quality of the performance than the former draft ranking.    
    • The tie breaker is the prior year draft order so the Orioles win all ties.  
    • To directly answer your question about Herb: he isn’t replacing Kremer in the Bowie rotation.    He’s already in the Bowie rotation, sporting a 2.25 ERA in four starts after being demoted to Bowie when Zimmermann was promoted to Norfolk.    It’s Sedlock who is taking Kremer’s spot, after pitching mostly relief and artificially short starts since his promotion to Bowie on July 17.    Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how he rises to the challenge.    He did a nice job yesterday, 1 run in 5 IP.   He should get three more starts before the season ends.     Like I said, it’s a balance.    Kremer has pitched well enough to earn a promotion and has a lot of AA innings under his belt.   Getting him a head start on being ready to move up to the majors next year makes sense.    Sedlock has pitched very well this year, is behind schedule due largely to injuries and it benefits him to be in Bowie’s rotation.   Does the switch from Kremer to Sedlock hurt Bowie’s playoff chances?   Yes, marginally.  In this case, the developmental benefits seem to outweigh that.    The balance might be different if another set of players were involved.  Good luck to Kremer and Sedlock down the stretch.   
    • Oh I misunderstood. I understood the comment to mean he was getting his MLB pay.
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