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I thought the ride ended, but we did not know when ...he never told us.

How can he tell us when he didn't hold on, and was subsequently thrown off the ride?

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How can he tell us when he didn't hold on, and was subsequently thrown off the ride?

I wonder it was a train that we were on or maybe a bus..either way I hope it was not a rollercoaster that would hurt to fall off of.

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Has anyone been a member, loyally browsing the forums daily for more than 12 years, without making a single post ?

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    • I like the new musical diddys played on MASN in the background during games and going into breaks. Got rid of the old stuff. I like it, change everything.
    • Still a couple more months to go that could sway the voting for me.
    • TJ McFarland...easily one of my least liked pitchers of the Buck/DD era just absolutely carving us up. Kinda helps when you get strike calls at the ankles.
    • That was a shockingly bad strike 3 call by the umpire to Villar.  I have never seen a strike called that low in my life.  Of course it hurts less when you are up 7-2, but still, that was absurd.
    • While it's nice and everything, it doesn't change the fact that Smith is a huge liability defensively and that far outweighs the offense he brings. He's got to hit like Ortiz to offset that if we're going to keep putting him in left field.
    • Very pleased.  Our front office is going after appropriate refuse from other organizations (Ruiz, Smith Jr, Broxton, Wojo) and giving them chances.  We are building out what I expect will be a top 10 analytical organization and introducing analytics throughout the organization in a game of catch-up with the rest of baseball.  We are investing in technology that we didn't have before.  We spent good $ in the 2018-19 J2 period and are off to a great start in this one.  We made a good trade with Cashner.  I believe we had a good draft last month.  The major league team is playing more competent baseball than I expected - especially with our top starter injured.  I love the way the guys in the major league dugout are cheering for each other when there is success.  I think our GM and the rest of the FO are checking the boxes that we wanted checked. Regarding the actual performance of our players, I would we should be absolutely thrilled at the emergence of John Means and the performance of Trey Mancini - two all-star quality producers.  Our minor leaguers are performing IMO - as a whole - above expectations and showing tremendous depth. It's a rebuild.  We still have overhang of bad contracts - not a surprise.  We are giving opportunities to guys who will not succeed at the major league level. I would say the biggest reason I am pleased is that I have more confidence than at the beginning of the season that our next competitive team is NOT five years away.  It should not take until 2024 with the current minor leaguers we have, the projected payroll, the supplementary international talent.  Things are moving forward at a good pace.
    • o   Minnesota leads New York by a score of 9-5 in the 7th inning ........ you know, for all you Twins fans here on the OH.   o
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