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What year did they start the baggy pants

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1990’s according to Wikipedia.  That sounds about right to me.


By the 1990s, new styles of close-trimmed pants legs made it possible for players to wear pants that ran clear to the shoetops, in lieu of the traditional knee-breeches style that had prevailed for generations. This led to a violation of the literal concept of a "uniform", in that different players on a given team might wear knee-length and full-length pants on the field at the same time. Players such as Manny Ramirezhave taken this fashion trend to an extreme, wearing loose-fitting pants whose legs nearly lap under the heels of the shoes.

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As I recall, I think it was from the book Ball Four, the tailored (more form fitting) uniforms came into the National League first in the early 60's when Mays, Aaron, Robinson (?) started wearing them - they wanted to look good.  Prior to that everyone wore baggy.

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17 hours ago, Canson80 said:

Looks ridiculous really. Also miss the skinny stirrups

I don't know but I hate it. Also hate to see men that let their jeans slip below their waist exposing their underweared ass. Seems sloppy is  the in way to dress. I liked the stirrups. 

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1 hour ago, scOtt said:


Was here to post ........ 1917.





Babe Ruth copied Jackson's swing, and he said that Jackson was the best natural hitter that he ever saw.



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