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Mullins and Martin are hurting this offense...

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1 hour ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

Can you give one of us your contact information?

If we don’t see you post on OH tomorrow, we are going to assume you are in a state of catatonic shock from discovering this news. 😀

Sure. Just call every bar in the greater Wilmington, DE area. You’re bound to find me eventually.

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Mullins has a career .816 OPS in AA, and a .771 OPS in AAA.  In 242 PA in the MLB he has a .630 OPS. He’s 24. He’s the exact type of player we should just give 500-600 PA to this year and see what we have. 

Martin has a .510 OPS. If he can just get that up to .600, with some slick fielding, then you have to say that’s a win for us. 

Rickard, Davis, and the C position, are hurting the offense too. Mason Williams could be up for the OF as soon as we go back to a 4 man bench. Other than that, we value defense at C, and we’re going to have to live with Davis. 

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