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Cashner's Trade Value

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6 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

Does Cashner’s option get nullified if he is traded or is it based on the total amount of innings pitched regardless of team. 

He needs to pitch 187 innings this season for it to vest.

He has never pitched 187 innings in a season.

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    • I didn't care for his last two.  To me Morning Phase was going over the same ground Sea Change did and Colors sounded like someone following trends, not starting them. 
    • Agreed. Well past there prime / peak. In the 90s though I feel like they were probably a band that could sell out the 9:30 Club. 
    • It's hilarious how people keep pushing the Orioles' line that their was nothing worth signing when the teams we traded slot money found people they thought were worth signing.
    • Can someone help Interloper out here?  He's says I'm on record saying cheap international guys are "trash" and evidently not wanting the team to sign them.  I don't recall ever saying the O's shouldn't sign guys (unless you count me thinking Gaston was a likely bust). Did I ever make a post saying the that lower end signees were "trash" and that the O's shouldn't sign them?  Does anyone other than Interloper remember that happening?
    • I would agree with you about a typical wet behind the ears prospect, but I'm talking about Lowther.  Lowther seems to be an exceptionally bright pitcher who knows how to pitch.  In AAA, he would be learning to get AAA batters out.  AAA is loaded with older organizational type players who aren't good enough for the majors.  What works on them won't work on quality major leagues.  He needs to learn how to get major leaguers out, and I think the best - and perhaps only - way to do that is to face them.  At some point, ya gotta go through the trials of being a rookie, and I don't see the point in waiting in his case.  You guys call that rushing him; I disagree - fwiw.           
    • One reason would be keeping it so the team had more information about their financial flexibility as far as what they could offer than the player’s advisors/agents. Maintaining that information gap could be somewhat advantageous. The other being amplifying the PR campaign by announcing the core of the draft class all at once.
    • True, I’m trying to be aware of the rarity of a pitcher who throws cutters as their primary pitch making it though. I was also pretty disappointed that his velocity didn’t really tick up in relief last year, kinda screwed up the future profile I had in mind.
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