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JR Oriole

Can we stop pitching to this guy?

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Gleyber Torres.  He has 10 home runs this year....8 are against the Orioles....which is even more impressive than Gary Sanchez, who I think has 7 of his 13 home runs against us.  I know we give up a lot of dongs, but these stats are insane.

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12 minutes ago, joelala said:

I'm playing against him in fantasy this week haha

I have him in 2 of my four leagues so at least I have that sliver lining.

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    • You very clearly stated her value was her looks and not her intellectual contributions to the broadcast which probably says more about you than it does about her.  Best of luck to Sara. 
    • Hunter interviewed her on the radio pregame, and she said that she was not yet able to reveal what her next job would be but she would be soon. So this looks more like she is leaving for another opportunity then MASN getting rid of her.
    • Game 98, July 21 There were some excellent defensive plays in yesterday’s one hitter, four of which I’ll mention here. - With nobody out and a runner on 1st in the 6th inning, Chris Davis gloved a hard-hit ball over the bag, stepped on the edge facing home plate, took one more step towards home as he pivoted, and fired a strike to 2B that allowed Villar to apply the tag and complete a DP.  Davis has always been very good at feeds to 2B and this was a good example. - With Givens in the game in the 9th, Devers laced a rising liner to RF that Mancini went back on and almost misjudged it but he leaped and made a nice outstretched catch. - The next hitter hit a ball in the RCF gap but Wilkerson raced over and made a nice backhand catch while running pretty much full speed. - The final hitter of the game hit a ground ball in the 1B/2B hole, but Chris Davis made a diving stop and an accurate flip to Givens, who hustled over to cover 1B on the play.    The defense was in a RH pull shift, so Davis was about halfway between 1st and 2nd when he made the stop.    The stop, the accurate throw from his knees at that distance, and Given’s presence of mind to get to 1B on a ball hit that far towards 2B were all very impressive.    
    • Really?  That's incredible considering all the complete games pitchers got in the 70s.  Where did you discover this fact?
    • Impressive!    His breaking stuff had great late movement yesterday.    Still, he got away with some hard hit balls, especially in the later innings.    Hyde picked the right time to pull him.   
    • She did a good job.    It’s not rocket science, so I’m sure they’ll find a competent replacement.    It will be interesting to hear what her next gig is.   
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