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JR Oriole

Can we stop pitching to this guy?

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Gleyber Torres.  He has 10 home runs this year....8 are against the Orioles....which is even more impressive than Gary Sanchez, who I think has 7 of his 13 home runs against us.  I know we give up a lot of dongs, but these stats are insane.

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12 minutes ago, joelala said:

I'm playing against him in fantasy this week haha

I have him in 2 of my four leagues so at least I have that sliver lining.

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    • Real question, why are you bullish on Hays more than Mountcastle when he has similar aggressive tendencies and has been older at the same levels and has struggled with injuries over his career?
    • Not true at all. I am not caring about the attendance.  You mentioned quality of play.  1910 male soccer is not anywhere equivalent in quality to 2019 women's soccer.  1932 Red Sox average 2000 fans a game. 1970 White Sox averaged 5000 fans a game. 
    • There's no doubt that's true, but we always hope that professional instruction will improve the warts of guys we draft. Mountcastle has had that instruction for years now and still has that same wart. That makes me less bullish that he'll be able to improve upon this one aspect of his game than I might be if he were just leaving college. I'm not speaking for RZNJ, but maybe that's where the disconnect is between me and you guys. I really do value the age/level thing, but I think I'm discounting it a bit because he's already been in the system for so long. I feel like age/level is the reason he's rated higher than guys like Diaz and Hays, but I don't like the profile as much as those guys, so I'd personally rate him below them. It's also worth noting that I think we're arguing on the margins here. I like Mountcastle, but am sympathetic to RZNJ's position too.  
    • Sounds right.   Wells would have been behind Akin last year and Zimmermann wouldn’t really have been much on the radar screen.    It’s great to see our AA staff all thriving.
    • The 2003 Orioles drew less than the 2005 Orioles.  The Nationals in 2.7 million and they have never drew that many fans again. In 2010 the Nationals drew 1.8 million.  It is hard to identify what the loss is but the 2007 Orioles drew 300k less fans than the 2003 Orioles.  But every season between them was a losing season.  I would say the Nationals took no more than 300k a season away.  Probably most likely scenario is around 200k fans a year.   The corporate loses were probably the bigger loss to the team. 
    • This is pretty tough to argue against. I even checked out the Pirates and Diamondbacks and yeah, I'm not sure Villar makes much sense there either.  I agree that he probably wouldn't be viewed as a starter, but more of a bench/utility guy.  It may take an injury somewhere though in the next couple of weeks. Especially since he's going to be sort of expensive next year for a bench guy. 
    • I agree. Let's get him in left and Hays in center the rest of the year and hope they can fill those roles in April in Baltimore.
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