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Are you sure this isn't the "Hey Drek stop starting all those other weird threads" thread? ;)

Hey Drek. Stop starting all those other weird threads.

There. Someone had to do it.

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Did you know that Farley's and Sathers merged, and this new candy juggernaut bought Brach's? The things one finds out when making an Easter basket.

As long as they still make those malted milk eggs that you can paint your lips with, it's all good.

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I once told a high school classmate that asian women have sideways vaginas and he believed me.

You mean they don't.....:scratchchinhmm:

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    • 😅 🦄Richie Martin: FIRST BIG FLY BABAAAAAYYYY. Get 'em Richie. And off CC no less. Tacked on another single while he was at it.    Renato Nunez: Smacked a curveball into the CF seats for a 2-run shot. Got them back in the game. Alas, it was not enough to spur a rally. He did walk in this one, too, which is probably a good sign for that slump.    Hanser Alberto: RBI double. Hanser's line against LHP? .426/.426/.617/1.043  😳   Gabriel Ynoa: I'll give him some credit for pitching 2.1 and giving up just the 1 ER. It's an improvement based on his recent games. The team really needs him to give some quality long relief innings, and this basically counts. Not ready to give up on Ynoa yet.    🦄Branden Kline: Nice outing! He hit 98! Branden is hanging in there at the ML level and that's great. Maybe one of the more underrated good things to happen on the team this year. He still needs more innings before we can make a call, but he tossed 1.2 scoreless innings in this one against a potent lineup, and got 2 Ks. You know what? Unicorn for Branden.    Shawn Armstrong: LOL Mariners. It never gets old. 0.96 ERA since coming over.    Brandon Hyde: Proved he is not just Mr. Positivity. Did not mince words after this one. I would normally say Straily should be worried, but Hyde repeated that this is what they got. But he's not going to sit there and brush it all off - he voiced some displeasure and I applaud that. It's getting silly out there.    Mike Elias: Great interview recently which, if you've been feeling a little beat down lately, should provide some pep in your step. The win-loss record is what it is, but good things are percolating in the minors and in the front office. Stay the course!   Errors: 0   Yankees: Didn't score the last 4 innings of this one, at least. 
    • OK so let's ask the unspoken question that Elias will never openly admit to. Stewart started his ML clock last September, playing in 17 games. Taking that into account, how much longer does he need to stay down in Norfolk for us to get the extra year?     It shouldn't be much longer right?
    • One of BP's eyewitness guys ventured a "looks like Jered Weaver" comp on him, and tagged his windup as slow and deliberate, not that TTTP is as much of an organizational priority anymore.
    • If you told me my CF played elite defense, hit 25 dingers and had 40 SB I would say that's pretty spectacular.  List the guys who have done that in the last ten years. That said, I think he could end up being a weak version of a player Elias had in Hou, Jake Marisnick.
    • At the end of the day, you will most likely be disappointed with whatever the actual result is in the next signing period. I don't say that as a slight to you, really, just that there will still be a disparity between what actually occurs in their first actual year of entering this market and what we envision is possible. But whatever they do, it looks like it will clearly be the MOST they've done EVER. It doesn't mean it will be effective in terms of that turning into ML talent. But the progress toward that goal will be noteworthy, and their international efforts should only improve from that point on. 
    • When I talk to people about this who dont think it's a problem I always ask them if they are a parent, and what they would think if their son/daughter and a friend came home with a test.  The test is a ten question test and the friend got 7/10 questions right while their son/daughter got 8/10.  However when asked what the grade is the son/daughter got a B while the friend got an A.  That's major league baseball. And the analogy usually works to show people the absurdity of what has been deemed a competitively balanced system. Large market teams simply can make more mistakes and end up with better results. The Boston Redsox won the WS last year with over $80 million in dead money (Sandoval, Craig, Rusney Castillo).  That was more dead money than 4 teams were paying their entire payroll.
    • They only play the Yankees 8 more times all year, so that will help them not make it to 115 losses.  Hopefully they will have some opponents over the rest of the year that don't intimidate them as easily as the Yankees do.  Just imagine how badly New York would be beating the Os if they actually had even a reasonably healthy team.
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