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FINALLY got my first paycheck from my new job, 1st one in 5 weeks! Posted somewhere between 12:30 and 3:30 this morning. I've already spent half of it. 😛

All my immediate bills are paid, paid some extra on my credit card. Bought 5 Morgan silver dollars and 150 wheat pennies cuz that's how I roll. Bought a cot for the lake because we're going the weekend of the 26th and I pawned/sold my old one months ago. I also bought this SWEET lounge chair for sitting in front of the fire!


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I'm in my first bidding war on eBay in a LONG time. For a coin.  I shouldn't be bidding as much as I am (about twice what it's worth...) but I want it for sentimental reasons. I sold two of these a while back when I was broke. They were my parents' birthday years, '36 and '38. I just bought the '38, had to bid on this one.


About an hour + to go...

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They know.

This morning I was looking for Ryan Mountcastle's minor league numbers. I usually search for stats on mlb.com . Since Ryan hasn't played in the show he's not listed at all. So I went to Baseball Reference. Rare when I use BB Ref but I do occasionally. This is this morning on my home computer.

I just got home from work at 11:30 pm. I'm emptying out the bag I carry. Empty bottles of Dew, my badge, safety glasses, band-aids, antibiotic, Alleve etc. Everything I carry to work. I grab my phone... It has butt-dialed, bag-dialed, Google search.... on BB REF!


EVERYTHING we do online, They know. They know everything we Google. They know everything we watch on youtube. They know everything we put on or look at on facebook. They have a copy of all 104,129 of my posts on here, and all of yours too. They know EVERY SINGLE THING we buy online. They know every single email we write or receive on every address we use. They know every sordid thing we do on the internet. Nothing is private anymore.

And not only do They know the raw data, They have it all sorted and separated into patterns. For EVERY one of us. Back in the day a lot of people had the infamous "FBI file". Nowadays we ALL have one, in ginormous super computers down in DC and Virginia. They know ALL!



George Orwell only got the year wrong.

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When I was younger, and volunteer at the local firehouse. This really sweet old lady would call 911 and say her smoke alarm was going off.

We would show up and she would hand us a new 9 volt as it was only chirping low battery.

She had super high vaulted ceilings, and it would take 3 of us to bring in the ladder, two to hold the ladder, and one to climb the ladder to change that stupid battery.

Talk about waste of tax payer resources. HAHAHAHA

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How many Software Engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?







None. That's a hardware problem.

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