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They Were Orioles?

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Looking over some past seasons, I completely forgot about some of these "one year" guys that have played for the O's but are better known from other teams:

- Fernando Valenzuela 8-10 4.94 in 1993. Dodgers.

- Mike Pagliarulo .325/.373/.556 in 117 AB 1993. Yankees.

- Sid Fernandez 6-6 5.15 in 1994 (he was here a little in '95 too). Mets.

- Dwight Evans .270/.393/.378 in 1991. Red Sox.

- Andy Van Slyke .159/.221/.317 in limited time 1995. Pirates.

- Pete Incaviglia played part of 96-97. Rangers

That's just for a few years in the '90s. What are some others from farther back or more recently?

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I suppose you could add Eric Davis and Bobby Bonilla too, although they were both here for parts of 2 seasons.

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