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  2. Just a curiosity I heard a clip in a silly vid. So NSFW I can't even post the vid cuz of the title. I did have that New Medicine vid disappeared from The Suck thread on the main page yesterday... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcrexKS8kxA
  3. o (APRIL 23rd) Orioles win. Red Sox lose ........ TWICE !!! o
  4. An extra update on Grover, from Roch: "Grover recovered from an oblique injury suffered late in camp and was dominant in his outings at extended spring training. He didn’t allow a run in eight innings, walking three batters and striking out an astounding 22. A slow-climber with his fastball velocity, Grover dialed it up earlier than usual this year. I’m told that his heater averaged 95 mph and topped out at 100 mph. There’s room for more."
  5. o The topic is whether or not players on the Orioles would be on another Major League roster if they were not here, and you opined that Bundy would not be when I said that Dwight Smith Jr is playing well enough to at least be a 4th outfielder on a lot of other teams. Bundy's splits going through the opposition's order the first time this season is inordinately better than when he goes through it a second time, save for his last start when he was effective the 2nd and 3rd times through. There is plenty of room on other MLB rosters besides the Orioles for a pitcher whom is capable of pitching well for 2 or 3 innings, just as there is room for other MLB teams that could use Dwight Smith Jr as a 4th outfielder on their roster. o
  6. I'm not telling anyone how to raise their kids. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that if a kid can't handle a normal city atmosphere that it might be a good idea if they were exposed to that more. Or not. Just stay in the suburbs and avoid the city environment at all costs. I was really just comparing my experience. Me and plenty of my friends and family have been to the stadium dozens if not hundreds of times and have had zero issues involving our personal safety. There is perception and there is reality. There is also culture shock. Which I sympathize with. But only one way to get over that.
  7. I don't have the data to back this up, but what I've observed leads me to believe the following: 1. An MLB team's "attendance" is built largely, and increasingly, on the sale of season tickets. (Keep in mind that what we refer to as attendance doesn't reflect the number of fans that pass through the turnstile. It's the number of tickets sold.) That's especially true of "full" season tickets, covering all 81 games, and less true of multi-game ticket packages. 2. It's a lot easier to sell season tickets in cities where there are (a) large numbers of (big professional service firms (law firms, accounting firms, management consulting firms, etc.) that are prepared to spend on client entertainment and (b) lots of wealthy individuals. Before the Nats arrived, the Orioles did pretty on the first part by attracting season ticket holders from Washington's stable of large service firms. Now they are far, far behind three of their division rivals on both scores, with no hope of closing that gap. 3. Many season ticket buyers (and again, I'm talking about full season tickets) make their decisions to buy, including their decisions whether to hang on to existing full season tickets, well in advance of the season. Those decisions are made based on someone's (and maybe not a very knowledgeable someone's) sense of how the team shapes up for the coming season and how much interest its games will generate among clients, employees and friends. A couple of bad seasons, when season ticket holders see that clients and friends aren't eager to go to those games, will drive away season ticket buyers. If the team performs better than expected, or is more exciting and entertaining to watch than was expected, it's very hard to sell enough tickets on a game-by-game basis to replace those lost season ticket holders. 4. Selling season tickets to the 2018 and 2019 Baltimore Orioles can't have been easy. the same will be true for at least a few more years.
  8. Bundy average 90.7 mph on his fastball in his last start. His fastball speed just keeps going down. We have seen this before from other players with shoulder issues. And we know how it ends. It is a shame as I had high hopes for Bundy.
  9. o Bundy has pitched better in his last 2 starts, particularly in his most recent one, which was his first quality start of the season. It was the first time this season that he showed effectiveness going through the opposition's batting order more than once (he in fact went through it 3 times.) Ironically, it was Smith Jr who was responsible for the 2 unearned runs while Bundy was on the mound for that start, and quite possibly for a 3rd run on a ball that he misplayed into a double to start the 4th inning. I think that Bundy would make a number of MLB rosters as either an opener and/or a middle-to-long relief pitcher. o
  10. You cant polish a turd. Going into the season we knew the pitching would be terrible. I am not sure why you want to blame the pitching coach. We only had three starters and 3 relievers with any sort of success in the past. Bundy cant throw the ball over 90 mph and Bleier hasnt recovered from his injury. That leaves Cobb and Castro for guys being worse than expectations. Cobb was just as bad last season at this time. I am not sure what is wrong with Castro.
  11. Today
  12. Cashner has matched his win total from last year.
  13. Part of what I love about being a fan are my overreactions lol but This pitching has just been outright horrid but tonight was absolutely brilliant! Cashner has been the one guy who Ive been impressed with all year and feel like every time he’s on the mound we’re going to have a chance to win. I’m anxious to see how Means does tomorrow because I like the little I’ve seen from him.
  14. I am glad Davis is doing better. His 0 for streak kind of made me feel sorry for him. Hopefully he can keep improving and be a positive going forward.
  15. Football is better on TV ; Baseball is better in person. Well if you are in lower level it is. I like going to games. The city is violent and it has a lot of crime. But if you are going during the week you shouldnt have much problem parking in the b or c stadium lots with attendance what it is. You also shouldnt have any problems with panhandlers walking from those lots. I love going to Camden Yards. Beautiful stadium. And there is nothing like drinking a beer and having some Boogs barbecue. Really dont care too much for attending Ravens games. Different types of fans going to those games. Not a family atmosphere.
  16. Is this the first game we've had a starting pitcher go 7 innings this year?
  17. Lot of fouls, or just a lot of deep counts?
  18. You also can't blame the coach for a player failing to execute a pitch. The coach can work on the pitchers mechanics and game plan against opposing players, but if the pitcher hangs a slider over the plate instead of throwing it down and away like he should, that's on the player.
  19. This is still a SSS and even you admit that the pitchers "may be not much better" than they're pitching now. Bundy's velocity continues to be down and I don't think you can blame that on the pitching coach.
  20. You bring up a good point - TVs are really good now. And relatively cheap. I mean - even the NFL has trouble filling stadiums and they only have eight games. It's just too comfy to watch a game at home.
  21. El Gordo (my name is Gordon) also means the great one, ala Jackie Gleason, who was fat as well. But the greatest among comics was Groucho, IMO .
  22. I think the impact the Nationals have had on the Orioles' ability to draw fans cannot be understated. Also, the O's have pretty much put a crap product on the field the past thirty years with the exception of a few fun - yet short - stretches. People love the Ravens because they're always relevant. The O's are still kind of a joke to most normal sports fans. But, like you said - downtown can bring in people. Baltimore is big enough and Maryland is wealthy enough that it can fill a stadium. While there are some people probably too scared to go downtown for whatever reasons - I think the bigger issue is the product on the field and a lot of people under the age of 35 don't have a ton of reasons to be O's fans.
  23. Maybe he didn't like hockey, eh?
  24. I don’t give a flying hoot if they’re single A guys or if they’re all star caliber pitchers it’s your job as the pitching coach to get the most out of what you got and I’m sorry I don’t believe that’s happening right now I believe these guys are better maybe not much better but are better than how they’re pitching right now with a couple guys being the exception. I didn’t think it was possible but guys like Bundy have regressed and so has Castro. These guys should be getting better not worse and the coach needs to shoulder some of that blame. It’s only April 23 so it’s to early to call for his head along with to early to start passing judgement need more time for results of his work with the staff to show but if we’re halfway thru the season and no progress has been made and I’m not talking a lot but just some improvement just signs of getting better then maybe we start wondering if he was the right man for the job. This has been some of if not the worst pitching I’ve seen in 30 years. I’ll note I wasn’t a fan of the hire in the first place his resume to me isn’t that impressive. I wonder if he was a guy Hyde/Elias coveted or was it because it was so late in the offseason and our options were limited that he was hired. However, I hope he and the staff succeed and that he’s with us for years to come but I’m just not sold on him on the sss so far. Hell if Cashner wins 20 sign him to 10 year extension.
  25. o The Orioles did have a 3-game sweep of the Rays by scores of 15-5, 11-2, and 11-5 in late July. Then they swept the Blue Jays 3 straight games by scores of 7-0, 12-5, and 10-5 one month later, in late August. Then they beat the Red Sox by a score of 10-3 one month after that, in late September. I was just too dense to think of bumping it. ) o
  26. Frobby

    Ofelky Peralta 2019

    Only downside tonight was he threw 85 pitches in 4 innings. Still, gotta like the zeroes.
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