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  2. Heck of a lot easier to do when you've got O'Day, Brach, Britton, and Givens in the primes of their career, plus Andrew Miller thrown in for 2 months. There's nobody in the pen right now even close to that level, not even Givens himself.
  3. Me neither. I think I understand Elias's overall plan and the decisions not to promote our best prospects yet, as painful as the consequences may be at around 9 or 10 pm on many nights and on Sunday afternoons. But where is the organization on Sisco? Despite his unimpressive performance in ML two call-ups, I don't think anyone questions that his offensive potential should earn him a long look at hitting major league pitching but for the doubts as to whether he will be able to catch major league pitching well enough to be the receiver (even a backup) on an Oriole team that's striving to improve and move toward contention. Sisco has been in the Orioles system since 2013. He has had five full seasons, and parts of two others, in which he's played over 400 MiL games, and 65 with the Orioles, all of them at catcher (plus a few games DHing). He's 24 and should be entering his prime years, and catchers often wear down and wear out faster than other position players. It seems to me that should be plenty of time to decide whether Sisco is or isn't going to be good enough defensively to be a major league catcher. (Even if the answer is yes, the Orioles might regard him as only good enough defensively to hold down the position for a couple of years while the team stinks, but should be thought of as keeping the catcher's box warm for Adley Rutschman or someone else we haven't yet heard of.) I have read a lot of comments about whether Sisco is or isn't improving defensively, or whether that's a hopeless task. I'm pretty sure there have been no steps taken to try Sisco at a less challenging position to get his bat in the lineup (third base would seem to be the logical choice, and there's not exactly a talent logjam there), but I don't know whether that means Elias has decided Chance can be the catcher on an improving team or is just letting the experiment continue. If someone out there has some information or insight on the Elias regime's views of Sisco's defense and future, I'd really like to hear about it.
  4. One of my favorites. Really made me sad to see him end up in Boston.
  5. Yeah, injuries derailed Loewen as well. As you mentioned, the expectations on our end as fans were just unreasonable. That why depth is so important, because the odds are that most of these guys aren't going to work out. It's also why I'm really following Means closely, because if he turns into even a back-end rotation starter that's a huge development. You need some of these "out-of-nowhere" guys as well.
  6. Well, you brought up a few moments of stupidity. I feel like there are more. If the goal is to get this team trained up and developed, part of that has to be situational awareness and having your players know what to do.
  7. 16,457 last night. Thank God for Yankee fans. 😀 Probably a little more tonight. Thursday should be one of the bigger crowds of the year.
  8. The thing is Bordick is pretty honest when I have heard him on the radio not doing a broadcast. He gets with Hunter and they turn into the Lollypop Club.Also do they get paid on how many times an inning they mention Hyde and the coaches.Hyde loves their resilience. Hyde let them read the Bob Feller plaque about hard work and a long season.The players before the game are working hard with the coaches People don't realize the effort they put in.They watch videos and the coach who works with the catchers is the best.As opposed to the prior bench coach who worked with the catchers who was the best Not sure why other teams have coaches who dont coach.This coaching thing and managing are only done in Baltimore.
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  10. Torres wants us to have the #1 pick in 2020.
  11. He needs to pitch 187 innings this season for it to vest. He has never pitched 187 innings in a season.
  12. If I was the O’s manager, last night’s play would have sent me into rage mode.
  13. Please explain why you think Stewart would benefit more from playing in Norfolk over returning to the majors. What parts of his game need to be "fully developed" and how is Norfolk better able to facilitate that development?
  14. Does Cashner’s option get nullified if he is traded or is it based on the total amount of innings pitched regardless of team.
  15. Best record in the minors by a fair amount. Obviously means very little in the grand scheme for the Orioles, but fun to see this year. And the 2019 Orioles need all the positives and fun they can get.
  16. Torres is killing the Orioles more than Didi Gregorius did last season.
  17. Bridwell might get a shot here the way his career is going.
  18. Cashner is a guy I'd like to see get traded in the "early trade season". His option for next year is a factor as well. He's pitching well, his velo is up a little. Some team could get him now and get and extra 8-10 starts out of him than if they wait till the deadline.
  19. Gleyber Torres. He has 10 home runs this year....8 are against the Orioles....which is even more impressive than Gary Sanchez, who I think has 7 of his 13 home runs against us. I know we give up a lot of dongs, but these stats are insane.
  20. Did Davies, Hader, Harvey, Bridwell, and someone else comprise another wave of cavalry that galloped off to other battlefields (or limped back to camp)?
  21. We'd have to get by with Villar or Alberto at SS. Then play the other one at 2B. Then bring Wilkerson back to 2B or call up Jace Peterson. Right now, keeping Martin is the right option for a rebuilding club. I'm also fine with keeping Mullins and Mountcastle down in AAA until they get 500-600 PA at that level. Stewart and Sisco have that many PA, but this is also more about building self confidence for them, I think. This is just going to be the same train wreck we've been watching for the next 100 days or so until Sept 1st. Enjoy the Summer. We have the draft and a couple small moves at the deadline to look forward too. Everything else will be just trying stop gap types. Elias essentially hit pause this year. Put everyone back in a level where they should be, and didn't do much for the MLB roster. Mission accomplished, we're on track for a top pick in next year's draft.
  22. Bergeson and Berken gave us just about all you could ask for. Good moments, some solid starts, and hope. We've seen so many guys get chances recently and only Means has done anything with it. The fact that nobody has really stepped up out of nowhere just illustrates how we aren't competing again until 2022. Which makes the keep everyone in the minors strategy the right call.
  23. Glad I was asleep to miss the 9th of this game.
  24. Media/reporters needs to figure out it’s not Buck in charge anymore. No need to be rude, but you can try asking probing questions about the game without fear now.
  25. I can’t stand the postgame interviews on the road with the manager. Loaded questions that are basically used to prop the team. Never any questions on stuff that to me as a fan I want to hear. Just be honest with the fan base. You can be for the team and still be honest.
  26. Also Severino should not be the one to go for Sisco, that would be Wynns. I have been happy with Severino. Last night in the 9th was ugly but Wynns has not been as sharp as last year.
  27. Another thing that may clog things up is Trumbo. No idea how long it will be before he is back but he is on the mend. If/When he is back someone has to go. Out of the three I think Mountcastle is last to come up, if he does at all. I would like to see Stewart but that forces out Nunez. It makes no sense to bring him up unless he plays just about every day. I guess they could option Rickard for Stewart but then how much would he play? I guess they could DH Nunez vs LHP and Stewart starts against all RHP. But then he isn’t playing vs LHP.
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