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  2. Maybe they noticed the walk rate?
  3. Just FYI Fansided is known for pumping out these type of poor articles, written in a way to pop up in google searches. I’d steer clear of them.
  4. Plus we’re 5-5 in our last 10 and they are 1-9.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/masnsteve/status/1152311401496621056 Baseball America updated its top 100 with drafted players and Adley Rutschman is number 5 overall. Somehow Mountcastle completely falls off the list though?
  6. They’ve gone 11-43 over their last 54 games. We’ve gone 15-39 in our last 44. The teams are tied in the all-important win column (opposite of the pennant race where it’s the all-important loss column). So yes, it’s quite possible they will pass us for worst record.
  7. RZNJ

    Blaine Knight 2019

    He was excellent at Delmarva. Doubt they made a significant change as soon as he got to Frederick UNLESS they insisted he mix in more of his secondaries. Other than that it's hard to explain how poor he's been at Frederick. Maybe an injury he's trying to pitch through?
  8. The bottom four in that lineup -- Sisco vs. a LHer, Wilkerson batting RHed, Broxton and Martin -- is pretty much . Maybe they'll surprise me.
  9. Not arguing as I don’t pretend to be a significant person in the media. The writer expressed his information as he believes they are facts. i have no idea if he’s spoken to Elias or anyone else tied to the Orioles.
  10. I don't know if they were looking for a MLB offer, but his agent probably had a list of teams that might offer a path back to the majors this year (nagging injuries, etc.). I guess we'll probably never know since it's not exactly a hot news topic for reporters...but I'm always a little curious about how these small deals work.
  11. It’s definitely not remotely the same thing in journalism, quoting someone is an important distinction where you must use the subjects words as they were spoken/written.
  12. You can be the not worst team and finish with the worst record.
  13. But we know it is highly unlikely that most of the prospects reach their potential. If it happens, then it will be a fantastic bit of luck. Because there is such a relatively high probability that some of them will not make it due to performance or injury, then it is important to stock as many good pitchers as you can. If Means finishes the year strong and pitches well next year, then maybe he gets traded. But if he pitches that well, then I think Elias will want to hold onto him as a cheap, quality starting pitcher. He's going to be dirt cheap next year and relatively cheap for another couple of years after that (even if he pitches well).
  14. I don’t know if your search catches these, but looking on bb-ref at old box scores in the past I’ve seen quite a lot that said batted ball out: no further information or something sorta like that. I guess 30s data is spotty.
  15. I’m actually starting to think that the Tigers are worst than the Os
  16. $3000 a day while he’s up. I’m sure he’s happy no matter how short the stay.
  17. I guess I was way off. I thought quotes were those round, rubbery things that are lighter than horseshoes and therefore easier to throw
  18. I'm pretty sure he was hoping for a MLB offer..sounds like bad advise from his agent.
  19. That’s a very insightful article by A-Rod. Really captures Moose’s personality well. I’m not going this weekend, but I’d like to catch Moose’s induction speech. It will probably be quirky.
  20. Paraphrasing is the same as quoting. You just use your own words to say the same things. Youd know that if you went to college??
  21. Maybe the Orioles increased his salary...negotiating ploy by Peterson?
  22. Is this something we did ala trying to mess with Sedlock's delivery, or is he a dud? Watched some of his tape from college and everything looked good.
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