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  2. There's just something about those soft tossing lefties lasting forever. 🤔
  3. I am not excited about Mountcastles' profile. We have a ton of 1B/DH candidates. I would look to deal him while he still has some shine on him. Maybe for a lower level middle infielder or pitcher in someone else's system. You're certainly not going to get a blue chipper for him. But I expect his ML career to be boring within a year or two. Mark Trumbo with less power and less patience.
  4. I may have to do more research. It has me thinking now. I can think of a few that are pitching for other clubs right now and are doing better than when they pitched here.
  5. Jamie Moyer, but that was 26 years ago.
  6. At the rate he’s pitching Phillips will never be down long enough to come back.
  7. Not sure if this counts, but Jeremy Guthrie comes to mind. Darren O'Day maybe? If you're specifically talking about all-star level relief performers who bottomed out, came to Baltimore on the cheap, then went on to be good again... not sure. But I'm guessing that's a tiny group across MLB to begin with.
  8. Does anybody know if we have ever had any luck giving pitchers, looking to revive their careers, another shot here at Camden Yards? I cannot think of any off hand.
  9. Put Mounty in the OF, he can’t possibly have a lesser arm than Smith... can he. 🤨
  10. I was talking top 75, I figure no more than 6-8 guys from the 2019 draft class could slot in above Hall at 67, even if every pick signed. Rutschman & Priester are the only top 50 locks, imo.
  11. How substantial is the difference between 54 & 56?
  12. Good points. It all depends on what Allen wants. If he wants to extend his career ($32M in career earnings after this year) then the Orioles could have a decent shot. I just get the feeling he is going to sign with the Astros and will be lights out the rest of the year.
  13. The difference between #56 and #67 is personal preference. Based on age and raw talent, Hall has more upside than Mountcastle, but based on Mountcastle's performance in AAA and successful switched to 1B, he has a much lower floor. I'm fairly confident he'll be a useful major league regular. Hall could be special. He could also ultimately end up a power left handed reliever. Let's hope for the former.
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  15. A human capable of missing a bat is a commodity we shouldn’t overlook.
  16. I feared you’d post something scaturient with straw, be better than that. How very daft, frobber.
  17. Maybe, but counterpoint: Teams in the hunt for the playoffs are more likely to have better incumbent pitchers Teams in the hunt for the playoffs are less likely to be willing to give him consistent innings to demonstrate his ability to pitch in high-leverage situations A team like the Orioles would offer him a lower-resistance path to pitching 8th/9th inning consistently. Predictability should help him improve his performance and rebuild value for next offseason or potentially a deadline trade to a contender (note, I am not recommending this move as a sign-and-trade-for value move). Our futility creates an asset in terms of available roster spots to take fliers on guys like this whereas more competitive teams may only be willing to offer MiLB deals or inconsistent play time.
  18. Brooks Robinson was proven a Hall of Fame caliber player. I like Martin’s chances of improving better than Brooks’, and Davis’ too. That’s not to say that I think it’s likely Martin will improve to being a decent major leaguer. I just like his odds better than Davis’, regardless of what Davis did in the past.
  19. The list I saw had Grayson, Mountcastle, Hall, and Diaz. I don't see Rutschman on the list but he would be 5.
  20. Yup, and likely a team with a chance at the playoffs will take a chance on him. Can't see the Orioles getting him.
  21. True, Martin is also over (under?) -1 WAR. Still, I at least think his style of play is a good fit for the team at a key position with no alternatives. Davis is clogging up a roster spot that could belong to Santander, DJ, or eventually Mountcastle, while also forcing Mancini to play defense. Come to think of it, the side effect of Mancini's defense is really what puts Davis over the top as the clear winner here, even if you set aside the contract. Not only is he that bad, he makes others worse.
  22. He's gone, available to be signed for the MLB minimum.
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