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  2. I didn't know a player could refuse an assignment like that.
  3. He pitched well again tonight.
  4. Oh, well. Can't always get a big hit. Maybe next time.
  5. Mullins legit needs to go down. He seriously just cannot barrel anything, not even foul.
  6. Blue doesn't always intensely dislike the Orioles? Who would'a thought it?
  7. Villar gets off his 0-for the series.
  8. We're going to need some insurance runs with our bullpen coming in...
  9. His universal translator is on the fritz.
  10. Big boy. Doesn't catch many, but when he does they go a long way.
  11. Cashner made some nice pitches that inning.
  12. The Keys are tweeting that Bishop is pitching. Not sure what happened with Hall..
  13. He doesn't seem to be that talented a bunter.
  14. I like Cedric, but come the heck on. Lay a bunt down once in a blue moon!
  15. Lowest SB% against in the majors, I believe. I don't think the Orioles were best at anything [positive] last year.
  16. I'd rather they hit better. Edit- Ask and ye shall find!
  17. Big bomb from Severino! Looked like a true power hitter on that one!
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