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  2. AceKing

    Jake Prizina 2019

    Thought this guy deserves a thread after being pretty dominant so far... 4 shutout innings as a starter today gives him 8 scoreless innings at GCL so far. no walks and 6 K’s on the year leaves him.038 whip. so 0.00 ERA and .038 whip after 3 games. GCL shut out the GCL Red Sox today 2-0
  3. What reasoning are you using to come to that conclusion? He didn't in AAA, by 82 points of OPS. He didn't in AA by 168 points. He didn't in high A by 44 points. Why would he in the majors?
  4. So the two guys the orioles got back in the cashner trade have to be on the new list of 25 DSL prospects to watch. I would also assume that the Prado kid has to be our top DSL prospect right now based on his age and performance.
  5. Well, we'd still be contractually obligated to pay him, but I won't pretend there are differences. And I do base part of that comment on the fact that I doubt others will try him out as a reclamation attempt. If I were Davis, I wouldn't try another team if cut loose. Well, hopefully Hyde does get decisions with the lineup and Elias gives him the 40 man. I'd like to think they talk a bit, but if I were Hyde, I'd play the same game. I'm not saying Elias is sabotaging the team on a level that others would. My only point is cutting him doesn't really net anything at this point.
  6. Go through an objective checklist. Women's soccer today is a lot more like 1800s or early 1900s baseball than it is today's major leagues. Small crowds, small salaries, leagues folding, limited history, teams playing in essentially community parks. Just the salaries are a big indicator - the max individual salary for the league is $46k, and this is one of if not the top league in the world. I have administrative assistants who make more than stars in the NWSL. The minimum salary is $16k - you can make that working fast food. I'd guarantee you players have dropped out of the league because they can't make any money. The talent pool expands and contracts with salary, and $46k isn't buying much talent. The USWNT players make a lot more, the rank and file make the kind of salary you get as a starting elementary school teacher in Alabama. In 1871 many of the best players in the world were in the National Association. It was the best baseball league in the world. But objectively the NA is a low-level minor league compared to today. You can wish and want that today's NWSL is a high-level pro league. But it simply is not. Objectively it's on par with the BaySox or the Baltimore Blast. It's a minor league paying minor league salaries, playing in front of minor league crowds, and on shaky financial footing.
  7. I agree, I'm just not expecting much of a return. Just dump his salary because Duquette should never have taken it on in the first place. The idea that we'd be able to flip a very flawed player like Villar for something of value was never made sense to me.
  8. I cherry picked the lowest year exactly because that was the lowest point once they got all the dead weight off the books. To me that makes perfect sense. As to your figure or my figure, I've recently mentioned that payroll estimates vary, I wasn't being duplicitous I was just using. http://www.stevetheump.com/Payrolls.htm That site had the Astros at $22,062,600 in 2013. If the number isn't accurate, sorry but it certainly wasn't intentional. My point is that the O's payroll in a similar spot in the rebuild is significantly higher than what the Astros had, that is true even accounting for payroll inflation. I think that the higher starting point means we should not expect the Orioles to follow the same payroll expansion the Astros had.
  9. weams

    Who is next?

    But. You can't subtract Cobb and Davis. You still have to pay them. Just because they are not rostered does not mean they don't count against revenues.
  10. weams

    Who is next?

    They will get rid of his money to someone.
  11. weams

    Who is next?

    Once they get down to 23 million, including Davis, I suspect they will start to add at the 40 man level.
  12. My point is that Villar is an upgrade over nearly no one. He's not going to be valued and he probably shouldn't be because he's not really an upgrade over anyone. Even the Cubs have Zobrist coming back who they can play at 2B if they decide to bench Russell. Or they'll trade for someone better. I'd be amazed if the return for Villar is better than what we got for Cashner and it probably shouldn't be. We can go back and forth all day, but the reality is there are probably 30+ current 2Bs I'd rank ahead of him.
  13. Alright your sarcastic answer made me do some research and now instead of having a meaningful conversation about this we can discuss the actual numbers and how your are not adding anything fact based to this discussion. Lets start with how it was not $22 million in 2013, it was $35 (30th) in the AL. That was precluded by a $55 million (29th) payroll in 2012. And followed by $51 (29th) in 2014. The Orioles payroll is $63 (29th). https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/payroll/2014/ My conclusion is that you cherry picked the lowest year and on top of that you didnt account for where that payroll stood in relation to the rest of the league. Which supports my assertion that there is some inflation baked in there as the Orioles at 29th sit in the exact same position in payroll. Additionally, my argument still stands. After going back up to $51 in 2014 they increased their payroll $15-$25 M every subsequent year. 2015: $81 M 2016: $103 M 2017: $138 The orioles can and should start investing in the roster via free agency in meaningful ways starting this offseason. The notion that the Orioles should for some reason eschew free agency for 3 years and hope their drafting/J2 signings make a team is as rediculous as them spending the last 10 years avoiding the J2 process.
  14. It’s heavily pronated, but it’s a changeup grip and action.
  15. I think there is no chance that Elias wants Davis on the team to help secure the top draft pick. For one thing, if that was the master plan, Davis would be playing more and hitting higher in the lineup.
  16. The slider is better than the changeup.
  17. No. He'll be a free agent and we'll still owe him everything except the minimum that is picked up by the signing team (as if that would ever happen!).
  18. Roll Tide

    Who is next?

    Subtract Davis and your already down to 44. The Astros are comparable because they weren’t strapped with Davis and Cobb. If you then subtract Cobb you around 29 million. So then it’s close
  19. My best comp is Ryan Howard. His final contract with the Phillies was 5/125 for his age 32-36 seasons. During that time he put up a whopping -4.6 WAR. There were injuries in 2012 and 2013, but the falloff was drastic even taking that into account. I'm not convinced that looking to history will provide too much insight on the Chris Davis situation, but if we are going to go there, then it's worthwhile to point out that Howard stayed on the Phillies roster until the bitter end then cost the Phillies an additional $10 million after they declined his 2017 option. No crazy talk about walking away out of "decency" from Ryan. No siree... It's been three full seasons since Howard last played a MLB game. I wonder if during that time, a single person who wasn't some sports talk radio yahoo ever got in his face about that contract. My guess is no. I think CD understands that once his playing days are over, he can look forward to the second half of his life blissfully guilt-free in regard to his last Orioles contract.
  20. Frobby

    Bowie Baysox 2019

    Amazingly, the Baysox lead the Eastern League in runs per game (4.27), after starting off by scoring 56 runs in their first 16 games. Of course, it’s a pitchers’ league this year.
  21. I think every team would prefer to trade a player for something instead of non-tendering them.
  22. Roll Tide

    Who is next?

    Someone who loses a guy to injury or is seriously underperforming. I’m not looking to try and figure it out. But as I recall the Cubs middle infield is underperforming. That doesn’t mean they will trade for him.
  23. 67M is roughly the O's payroll this year, as compared to the Astros low water mark of 22M. At least I think it is, hard to make heads or tails of the various payroll numbers and what all they count. As for the 6-7M number I addressed that already by expressing my doubts he would cost so little.
  24. Roll Tide

    Who is next?

    I’m not saying they won’t trade Villar. I don’t see them keeping him and nontenderibg him. I would assume that they want to trade him for assets.
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