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  2. 16 of Ynoa's 21 starts had at least one of David Washington, Adam Brett Walker, and Pedro Alvarez in the OF. All but one of the games with a qualified outfield came in the second half of the season. It's definetly mostly a coincedence he pitched better then, but it can't be helpful to have those guys out there.
  3. 4 Orioles in BA Eastern League top 20 prospects

    I was heartened by his big game in the 2nd to last game of the playoffs - single, double and homer. No doubt he had a very bad streak there and the injuries were a problem, but the minors are for learning, and I'm sticking with what I said last year. And his defense increases his prospect value over guys like Stewart. I like Stewart ok, but imo Mullins is simply a better prospect. Fwiw, I said that last year, and I haven't changed.
  4. Beef, It's what's for dinner.

    Reds today announced a 4 yr/$15.5M extension with Tucker Barnhart, covering his 3 Arb and first FA seasons. There's a $7.5M option, or $500K buyout, on FA year 2. I'd guess the structure is about $1M/$3M/$5M Arb, and buying the FA year for about $6.5. It's one data point for a middle class starting catcher.
  5. It's a bit of an exaggeration to say Alvarez was a staple in RF for a large part of the season. He started 41 games there. That experiment ended on June 4.
  6. It's Time to Play the Youngins

    Actually, I think every manager has a pretty strong say on who makes the 25-man roster to start the year. I think you'll see some of Sisco at C as soon as we are mathematically eliminated. But that won't be until at least Sunday, and more likely, early next week. Meanwhile, he'll pinch hit here or there.
  7. I've said it before, but the defense was a huge part IMO. There was a lot of bad defense on that team, and every one of Ynoa's starts I watched all the way through (4-5 I think) were marred by poor defense, bloop hits, and seeing eye GBs. I'll have to look through my post history, but there was one game he gave up something like 7 runs, and he pitched about as well as he did last night. Somewhere between his FIP and xFIP (3.78 and 4.44 respectively) is probably a truer assessment of his ability going forward. It didn't look to me like he was working on stuff, at least not to the extent that it'd really kill his results. Ynoa has one major weakness, the lack of a true out pitch. I think he's an OK back end guy right now. If he wants to be more than that he'll need to figure out how to miss more bats.
  8. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    But those guys on the FA market actually flooded the market. Really what was the market for Britton? How many teams are at the point where they can justify acquiring a big name closer? The best fits were the Astros, Cubs and Nats. The Cubs had just one a WS, so why empty the farm when you just got over the hump. We don't deal with the Nats. The Astros haven't dealt any prospects away since the Ken Giles trade.
  9. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    I'm not sure what the record is, but I suspect it may be the 1930 Phillies, who had a 6.33 starters' ERA. More recently, the 2006 Royals' starters had a collective ERA of 5.85, a quarter-run higher than the 2017 O's to date (but there's still time!).
  10. It's Time to Play the Youngins

    You might think that heirarchy exists like that. That would be normal, but Buck hired DD. I'll safely go out on this limb... I think Buck has more control over the roster, and player development, than any other Manager in MLB. If Castillo leaves next year, Pena will be the 2nd C on OD. Or a Pena like vet. Can my boy Sisco at least get some PH AB's?
  11. Orioles Have No Plans of Shopping Machado

    Right. I really think people don't enjoy watching certain players because they allow their expectations to take away from the here and now. It has been a pleasure watching Manny grow up, and I hope ownership steps up and keeps him here.
  12. Now is the time: Extend Chris Tillman.

    Whatever amount of talent he has left, it's a nice sentiment. I imagine he's going to be a February sign. The hope is doing his regular offseason will get him back closer to himself - there's no reason for teams to jump before the New Year. It's easy to picture well attended throwing sessions closer to when camps open, and those scouting reports driving where along the spring training invite to small major league guarantee spectrum he lands.
  13. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    Another poster on here pointed out that Tillman has the highest ERA of a P with at least 75 IP since like 2005. The most frustrating thing is that the SP need was known in the offseason. They didn't tell us the news about Tillman being hurt ST, but the FO knew. To start a season with this rotation was just reckless and stupid.
  14. Today
  15. I'd like to see us win another game tonight.
  16. Ubaldo Jimenez Today, 2017

    Hope you are right. Wish him well
  17. Wonder what the record for worst ERA on a MLB SP. I don't think it's us but the 2017 Orioles have got to be up there.
  18. Now is the time: Extend Chris Tillman.

    About the closest I can think of is John Lackey, who posted a 6.41 ERA for Boston in 2011 at age 32, missed the next year and has posted a 3.56 ERA since then at ages 34-38.
  19. Two questions about Ynoa in AAA this season, 1. How much did the bad OF defense/big ballpark hurt him down there? Pedro Alvarez was a staple in RF for them for a large part of the season. 2. Was he simply just working on things there?
  20. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    Wondering where the season went? Simply look at the SP ERA's. Man, tough to win with that.
  21. 5 Orioles prospects poised for a breakout in 2018.

    It's pretty poor every year. .655 league OPS each of the last two seasons, .667 in 2015.
  22. Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    Thanks for the idea. Hadn't thought of that. I just sent him an email. Does anyone know if I were to give the vouchers away, could someone else walk up and use them? Or does the STH have to be there in person? I think my name is on the vouchers......
  23. Now is the time: Extend Chris Tillman.

    Has there ever been a veteran starter who had a season this bad who just bounced back to his old self the next season? When I was looking for comparable seasons to Tillman in BB-ref, it looked to me like most of these guys are just plain done. Steve Blass didn't bounce back after 1973. Hideo Nomo didn't bounce back after 2004. Jim DeShaies didn't bounce back after 1994. Some young guys like Roy Halladay did eventually bounce back. I think the worst thing the O's could do this offseason would be to give Tillman a guaranteed contract and count on him for the rotation next year. A minor league contract and a spring training invite are find, but they need to have five or six guys who are better options than Tillman lined up.
  24. 5 Orioles prospects poised for a breakout in 2018.

    Tony, when will the official OH list come out?
  25. 4 Orioles in BA Eastern League top 20 prospects

    For sure. I believe Hays also qualifies for the Carolina League list, and will be high up on it.
  26. Now is the time: Extend Chris Tillman.

    Yeah. I'd do that, plus say, an extra $2 mm for every 20 innings he pitches over 120.
  27. Orioles Have No Plans of Shopping Machado

    So a bad year for Manny is likely Gold Glove, .270 38 HR and 100+ RBI. I'll take that in a down year.......The only question to be answered is, what hat will Manny be wearing when he is inducted?
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