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  2. I've had it similar to that in Texas and I was well pleased.
  3. Except it has been a free trial... Costs nothing.
  4. They are almost all injured all the time. And the pitchers all break.
  5. Let's coach all those fine folks you mentioned, including the athletes, to hit a 97 mph fastball and Chas Roe's slider.
  6. Yeah I was checking out the better pitchers who have pitched a long time in National League for a long time and most have a higher career average than Davis’ average the last two years.. Greinke, Scherzer, Wianwright, seems the best pitchers are also the best hitters. Jake Arrrieta has hit about the same average as Chris Davis and has 4 triples. But in fairness to Arrieta he didn’t start hitting until he turned 28.
  7. RZNJ

    Mike Baumann 2019

    Not sure why you say that. Just like Akin and Lowther above him, I don't see the consistent strike throwing from Baumann. I'd leave him at Frederick until I see that consistency.
  8. Hector Lopez, a 17 yo pitcher from Panama and Acevedo, the 16 yo OF, look like the two most interesting follows at this early stage.
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  10. Finally the record is straight and we can put the blame where we knew it belonged all along: on the warehouse. Thus ensued the inevitable self-destruct, the year-long crash and burn, and the long-awaited blowup.
  11. Mickey Rivers was pretty bad at throwing the ball.
  12. Never said it wasn't possible. Just that, like you, I've never seen anyone actually do it. i will say that no one in my basic was knocking out 80 after four weeks.
  13. Recent signings, not on teams yet
  14. LA2

    Hyde postgame

    Is that his position, I'm having problems remembering what that guy does. Wish I had the same problem with our first baseman.
  15. I've made this point several times already: except for the 5 home runs, there are a good number of pitchers who hit just as well or better than Davis, and a lot of them could at least be counted on for a productive sacrifice bunt. And wearing a neat-looking jacket whenever they did manage to get on base.
  16. 32 Ks, 4 BBs. He has struck out 55% of the time! To be fair though, the timeline should be May 15 - June 14--the O's didn't play on either May 13 or 14. He also had no at-bats between his 0/1 on May 24 and 0/5 on June 4. I think the number of ABs (58) during a 23-day stretch rather than the month-like timeframe is a truer picture.
  17. I was at the game. While there were a lot of Sox fans, there were still more Orioles fans.
  18. It appeared that Santander lost the high fly ball in the sun, and Broxton had to range way over in RF to bail him out. After Keon caught the ball it looked like he was reassuring Santander that he had it the whole time, while never even glancing back to the infield. Obviously Broxton either forgot how many outs there were, or forgot there was a runner on base.
  19. ChuckS

    Mike Baumann 2019

    He shouldn’t throw another patch in Frederick
  20. ChuckS

    Aberdeen Roster

    You are putting way too much stock into finge high school picks. I mean, did you expect a different outcome?
  21. What could Broxton and Santander possibly have been talking about? Has there been any explanation? Did Broxton think there were three outs? It takes a lot to get me to leave a game early but I would have been tempted to ditch it too.
  22. It's funny. If you watch when it shows the ump and the Padres manager discussing what happened, it looks like Welke was saying "He walked right up to me and said it was a horse sh-t call!" and the manager replies with "He walked up to you and said it was (something). Come on! F'in (something)" .. my lip reading skills aren't perfect. So, I guess Welke threw him out for that?
  23. In his defense, the ball was way outside. He really went off on Welke, threw his helmet and later threw his bat which got him booed off the field. At least he didn't throw it at anyone this time. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/padres-vs-rockies/2019/06/15/565450#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=565450 Can't link to the specific video, so scroll down and find it on the left side. Machado gets ejected in the 5th.
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