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  2. Good discussion on Williams vs Mullins. I do agree with those that think it is about time to denote Mullins - maybe not immediately, but if he is still scuffling this badly over the next week. I unfortunately fear it’s becoming more clear that he’s not going to consistently hit at the major league level, but if you think there is a chance he can, you’ve got to send him to AAA to find himself again. He’s just kind of drowning up here now, and you can sense his frustration. I’d like to give him a chance to regain some confidence.
  3. One of the many blessings of OPACY.
  4. I saw something last year, may have been on here with all the teams parking costs. I think Orioles are cheapest. Yeah, what a difference. A lot you can buy with an extra $33-35 in your pocket.
  5. Well if you are satisfied that Williams is not a defensive downgrade then your #2 becomes the issue. Who gets DFA'd to get him on the roster. I guess Wright is the most vulnerable candidate.
  6. Just thought I’d mention that the equivalent lot to the OPACY $10 lot at Nats Park costs $43. Orioles fans have it good.
  7. https://content.mlb.com/documents/9/1/6/257365916/parking_map.pdf you will probably park in F-G-H lots.
  8. $8. Plenty of parking. The front lots are $10 but that is for season holders. Every once and awhile I have seen them let people in there but rarely.
  9. Haven’t parked at OPACY in a while. Parking pass online appears sold out, which seems odd. How much is parking, and which lots should be available tomorrow? Thanks
  10. I spent about 10 minutes looking at Mason Williams scouting reports and he’s generally rated a 60 outfielder with plus range. I tend to give credence to that over “range factor” because of the many factors outside the player’s control that affect range factor. His advanced metrics at the major league level are below average, but the sample size is too small to really trust them (as with Mullins last year). So, I don’t really know, but I suspect any defensive downgrade from Mullins to Williams would be small, especially factoring in that Williams has a better arm.
  11. They sometimes went to extremes to attempt to estimate, however ... Due to Feller's pitching speed, Lew Fonseca was commissioned by the Office of the Commissioner to pit Feller's fastball against a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in a speed trial. The test was conducted in Chicago's Lincoln Park and required Feller to hit a target 12 inches (300 mm) in diameter, 60 feet 6 inches (18.44 m) away. The motorcycle passed Feller going 86 miles per hour (138 km/h) and with a 10 foot (3.0 m) head start but the ball beat the bike to the target by three feet (0.91 m). Feller's throw was calculated at the time to have reached 98.6 mph (158.7 km/h), and later 104 mph (167 km/h) using updated measuring methods.[3]:27[6][18] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Feller
  12. Today
  13. I see your point but I am not sure that is the way Elias is looking at it. Elias appears to put a high value on defense. He is playing Martin at SS over Villar SS/Alberto 2B. He picked two defensive catcher over Sisco who might hit better. Mullins currently has a 3.00 Range Factor. That ranks him 4th in the MLB according ESPN. I know it is not the best measure of defense but it the only one that allows me to look a the majors and the minors. Mullins over the past couple of years as been be 2.76-3.14 in RF in the majors and minors. Williams is 2.28-2-59. What does that different mean to Elias? Elias may feel that his offense is good enough at 4.40 runs per game. That the teams biggest problem is run prevention and that the best defense he can get helps the team more than the slightly better offense. Note: Hays RF over the passed few years in CF is 2.68-2.89 with much better offense.
  14. Why would it be easier dealing with Ottawa? I am pretty sure Rochester is closer. There are also regular flights between Rochester and BWI.
  15. My point was that Morton's velo on his 4-seamers increased dramatically once he got to Houston -- at 33 YEARS OF AGE! That's not the result of pitch selection, i.e. throwing fewer sinkers. But there is a reason which I do not know why a 33 year old who was never known for having a big fastball suddenly got one at a period in his life when most pitchers have retired or, at least, are going in the opposite direction on the speed gun.
  16. I’m already thinking relief.
  17. It’s hard to tell. Pitches weren’t routinely tracked in those days. I’d say Palmer had above average velocity but probably exceptional spin rate. As he alludes to in the article, his fastball seemed to rise (which really means, didn’t drop as much as other pitchers) and he was very adept at getting hitters out at the top of the zone (which was higher than it is today).
  18. They could try pitching better too 😁
  19. I don’t know that we disagree. I don’t know if Williams’ range is as good as Mullins’, I just believe that, since he has always been primarily a CF, his range is probably better than Hays’. So if defense is that much of a priority, than Williams should be the replacement rather than Hays. If overall offense/defense is the priority, then I would prefer Hays, but for the inconvenient fact that he’s injured and hasn’t played baseball for a month. As to Williams, he has a track record we can look at. He’s been a .721 OPS hitter in the majors, which is a lot better than Mullins’ .590 (.348 this year). He’s probably a substantial upgrade over Mullins’ current level of play if you consider offense and defense combined. So there are only two reasons not to make the switch: 1. You believe Mullins is the better long term prospect and just want to show more patience in the hope that Mullins gets out of his funk. 2. You don’t want to jettison anyone off the 40-man roster just to make room for Williams, who may be better than Mullins right now but isn’t a long term piece, when Hays should be available in a few weeks (and won’t earn a year of service time if we wait until May 16). Do we disagree?
  20. From what Roch reported this morning it appears that Cobb will be added to the roster in the 2nd game and be the 26th man. He will obviously stay on the roster after the game and someone else will be sent down. Its unclear what is happening with Kline but he might be coming to Baltimore to be on the taxi squad in case he is needed for th 2nd game. Barring injury to someone on the the O's roster it seems likely that Kline will return to Norfolk after today's games.
  21. I believe you are right that Hays does not have the range that Mullins has but his combination of defensive and offensive abilities should be an upgrade to Mullins. I do not believe that Williams has the range that Mullins has and his offense will not be enough of an upgrade to offset the lose of defensive range. This is what I believe and it can certainly be debated. I would be interested to see anyone show evidence to the contrary.
  22. From what I've heard, he threw pretty hard early in his career, but he had an arm injury when he was 22 that robbed him of that velocity. I'm not sure if it was 97 though...
  23. Hays is likely to be a defensive downgrade from Mullins. If defense is the only priority (and I submit it shouldn’t be), then they should call up Mason Williams.
  24. Cleaning out his locker seems premature. Put it this way, I wouldn’t be making a downpayment on a house in Baltimore just yet if I were him.
  25. Or, they can draft Rutschman and just make do for 2019-20.
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