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  2. "Jalen" Stupid Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z parents. Whatever they're up to.
  3. o LATER THAT SAME DAY ))))) )(vs. D-RAYS, 8/25) Stewart could have had a rare, unassisted double play by an outfielder in the top of the 6th inning. After catching the ball and running it almost all the way back in to the infield, he instead chose to flip the ball to Trey Mancini instead. o
  4. DJ Stewart hitting .435/.519/.609 over his last seven games.
  5. Trade deadline has past.
  6. Kiermaier out of the game. Hope he's ok. I secretly root for him and TB. Yankee/Red Sox killers.
  7. o Stewart could have had a rare, unassisted double play by an outfielder right there. o
  8. Cleveland most likely just lost Jose Ramirez for the remainder of the season. Would they have any interest in Nunez, I wonder? And what would a return look like? Cleveland is firmly in 'win-now' mode, and their window is closing rather quickly so there could be some sense of urgency there.
  9. If that beer was full it wouldn't sit on that little donut. Would tip right over. PARTY FOUL!
  10. Deeked him! Ball laying on the ground.
  11. Man! That was over 100 off the bat. Smoked!
  12. Currently one game ahead of the Baysox in the standings, Bowie has the tie-breaker.
  13. Been kinda sub-par these last couple years.
  14. Why do we care about Erie? Just asking.
  15. Nice snag there. Chip away. A run an inning. Pen will give some up.
  16. I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Adam Hall is the starting second baseman on our next winning team. And if he turns out to be comparable to Trea Turner, it would be amazing. Turner has a fair amount of pop for a guy who can steal 40 bases a year when healthy.
  17. Good job at situational hitting.
  18. Bowie up 4-0 after 4. Ryan McKenna with two doubles. Erie down 3-2 after 6.
  19. Luckily Stewart scored anyway. That is an issue with instant replay, you can get punished because the ump blew the call so you don't try to take the extra base.
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