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  2. As we saw in 2014 if you have 5 starters who can go 6 innings and give you quality starts it helps your bullpen have defined roles and gives your team a chance to win every night. Not one of those 2014 starters had more than 2.7 WAR on the season yet we won 96 games.
  3. “It even drives television. People who are watching think to themselves, 'Why am I watching this if no one's even going to the ballpark?'
  4. Yeah I noticed that detail as well. Only saw him speak for a few minutes but he seemed like a good kid based on little things like that.
  5. First thing I noticed about Grayson Rodriguez last year was the same thing, even when being interviewed in the booth in-game.
  6. Fair enough. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a cheap shot. I’m excited to have Gunnar in the fold.
  7. Look at the list of everyone in the majors who's started seven or more games. That gives you 153 pitchers, or about five per team. There are 52 pitchers in the majors who've made 7+ starts with a FIP worse than Cashner. That means, on average, every team has one or two starters in the regular rotation worse than Cashner. The median FIP of those 153 pitchers is 4.34. He's not great, but who has five great starters?
  8. Gunnar will be in the GCL this year and we'll see where he goes next season. Little things I picked up on, and was impressed by, Gunnar seems humble and he's very courteous answering, "Yes, sir or no, sir." It shows his upbringing. My father didn't ask to be addressed as "sir," but it was a (common-)courtesy he demanded that you extend to an adult you didn't know, same as I've tried to instill in my son. I know how that makes me sound, so flame away
  9. Well since Gunnar is 17 I imagine his younger brother probably doesn't remember too much of the pre-Buck era thankfully. Apparently he was/is a big Manny Machado fan.
  10. I have a subscription to the Sun. It is still worthy of paying for. I am not sure why people have decided to stop reading. I doubt the Sun will ever get back to what it once was.
  11. If you drink enough beer and you have friends around and aren't paying attention to the game it can be entertaining. But you could do that at Pickles and not attend the game.
  12. Just finished watching a stream of the Gunnar press conference. Nothing too crazy in there. Seems like a well-spoken and thoughtful kid. His younger brother was already an Oriole fan for years and called the Orioles taking him beforehand, heh. Gunnar will apparently spend most (if not all) of the summer in the GCL according to Elias. Gunnar sees himself staying at SS. Those were the noteworthy takeaways imo.
  13. Putting some distance now so that when they go on a tear late in the season (generating positive momentum into 2020) that they won't lose the number one pick for next year's draft. Chess vs. checkers, my friends.
  14. The Orioles are a terrible, unexciting team. Throw in that fans know the team is punting on the next few seasons, the bad will Peter Angelos created and that baseball has become boring, and it's no surprise attendance is where it's at.
  15. My point was more that even if he were nothing more than another Trumbo (not arguing that he is in any way), this very board seemed to think Trumbo had quite a bit of value back when he was at about the same point of his career as Mancini is now.
  16. Raffy didn't hit many HR in his early years. Didn't clear 20 HR until his 5th real season in the bigs (hit 26 in 1991 at age 26). Mancini hit 24 in his rookie year, albeit his age-25 season. Raffy did have pretty prolific doubles numbers early on, though.
  17. Great post, 100% agree. Santander is a breath of fresh air. Cheap and controllable. Let him play and see what we've got.
  18. I was actually more interested in the first part of your statement, that it would take Gausman to get it done and Schoop wouldn't be enough.
  19. Yeah, I don’t have enough information to blame the team/coaches for that.
  20. In fairness, nothing that happens in low A really tells you if a guy will be a 1.
  21. Looks like people moved over in the upper deck from the corners. The team would probably make a lot more money if they didn't let people move to better seats.
  22. 22k IS not a lot for that place, but it sure was better than I've seen lately.
  23. Sedlock threw 2.2 innings in relief of Hall yesterday, allowing 3 ER on 1 hit and 3 walks, striking out 4. Two of the runs scored after he left the game with 2 outs in the 7th, so it wasn’t quite as bad as it looked.
  24. @Tony-OH commented to me during the game how full the upper deck was... /shrug
  25. The most amazing thing about Alberto is even though he is hitting as well as he has he only has scored 19 runs on the season.
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