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  2. That post was in reply to Frobby's post. No need to be so defensive. I think we all want to see the team get out of the basement as soon as possible, it's going to be a long road. But I can help out our powers to be because I am not blinded by pressure like a head coach or manager can get. No one can fire me...
  3. In other words, Boras did his job well.
  4. I'd do it too. With position players I think the smarter move is locking them up with cheap (compared to later free agency) extensions then worrying about service time. Young players can use a wasted season like this one to learn how to hit MLB pitching.
  5. Geez, I was obviously talking about position players. Stop nitpicking.
  6. Right, obviously rushing Markakis, Machado and Schoop was a bad idea. Show me where rushing a position prospect hurt his career.
  7. Obviously Cashner and Castro have the best haircuts. 😁
  8. Stacking the team with minor leaguers has not worked so far. Batting good in the minors doesn't mean squat facing Major league pitching. We have seen it over and over.
  9. Sure I would. I've said before that I'm not worried about service clocks and have no issues rushing position players. I don't see the point in having guys out there that we know are not part of the future if we have replacements at AA and AAA.
  10. You do realize that RBIs are a terrible stat to hang your hat on right? You know, teammate dependent, not sustainable all that stuff? You argument would be as compelling if you were talking about who had the best hair on the team.
  11. Not sure I like the manager and the catcher throwing others under the bus, but if that's what happened, it's good to know. Still, it was Sisco that got thrown out. Gotta wonder what Mancini was thinking, because they'd gain practically nothing with a runner stealing 3rd with 2 outs. It really only made sense if was as part of a double steal, and it didn't make sense because neither of those guys can run. So fine, there was a brain-dead play. I can live with that. But then Sisco throws the ball past first base letting in a run and then misses a very easy tag - giving up another run. And we lose 3-2. That's really bad. But hey, it's a 162 game season. We can still win 100... er 50.
  12. Not at all. I am a die hard fan. I want us to not be the worst team in baseball. I want to turn this disaster around. Having such a lousy team hurts me. I just want us to be better as soon as possible.
  13. You’d do all that right now? I’m a huge Hays fan, but he’s not playing like he did in 2017 and I want him hitting on all cylinders when he comes up. I liked what I saw of Diaz in spring training, but he wasn’t even hitting at Bowie until a week ago. I want those guys to force their way up the way Stewart and Sisco did. As to Mountcastle, he’s been pretty steady with the bat all year. I’d say the decision to bring him up has more to do with (1) whether we want him getting more reps at 1B, and (2) whether we want to start his service clock. And yes, I know what you think about that subject.
  14. If Broxton was cut I wouldn't blink an eye and I wouldn't miss him. But whenever he does something bad -- which is often -- the voices on the board start screaming "get rid of him", "DFA him" in reaaction. And here's the thing: we aren't going to get rid of someone because they suck. There isn't a cause and effect there. We are going to get rid of someone when it is someone else's time. That's the cause and effect. Of course we have to watch this team every day so of course we hate watching the Broxton's and Straily's of the world. But the fact is, this season isn't about pleasing us. So we are just going to have to stick with it and wait.
  15. You are just trolling at this point right? Well I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe.
  16. Interesting. I like going with youth on a team in total rebuild mode. But none of those guys have proven they can hit ML pitching. Conversely...Smith leads the team in RBI.
  17. Personally I think it’s getting a little late for Broxton to learn new tricks. I’m fine with spending a month or two working with him, but if we don’t see improvement I’d be ready to move on.
  18. I'd call them low baseball IQ type errors. Hopefully, he learns from them - I certainly haven't given up on him.
  19. Left to right. Santander until Stewart is healthy, Hays, Diaz and Mountcastle at DH.
  20. COC...Let's hear the OF you would field, and who would you put at DH? Just curious.
  21. He is awful. There is no way someone who strikes out as much he does at his age is suddenly going to be productive. If you want to see him set marks for strikeouts in a season he can do that for you but not much else.
  22. I think both could replicate that line with better defense. Stewart could probably get on base at a better clip as well.
  23. If he's up here for the remainder of the year, getting a substantial share of the playing time, and still making a similar number of bad plays on a rate basis, then yes I agree we should be concerned. Perhaps we are all on the same page, but I think what @El_Duderino is saying and I agree with is that we should be careful not to overweight what may be a one-off (or two-off) thing.
  24. Trade Bait Thermometer Hot - Mancini, Villar, Cashner - Mancini because of performance, the other two because of contracts finishing up at season's end. Mancini has the most value obviously. I'd expect a single Top 30 guy for Villar and Cashner. Mild - Givens, Bundy - Let's hope they perform better. Could probably be traded on potential alone, but might not get the return we'd hope for unless they put up better numbers. Luke Warm - Armstrong, Bleier, Alberto - Bleier has pitched better as of late. Armstrong is already 2+ service years in and has performed well with us, so it will be interesting to see what Elias does with him if he continues to perform. Same with Alberto who is showing a solid average and versatility in the field. Wouldn't get a ton in return; perhaps a minor piece. That's all I see on this roster as potential trade bait. Unless Elias wants to do prospect for prospect trades with our AAA/AAAA guys.
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