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    I haven't see the first episode yet but I'm considering looking into this series, because of Sutherland. Was the pilot any good? Does the show concept seem interesting?

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    Well...I absolutely love it. It's not exactly realistic, and it's certainly nothing like 24, but it just touches (perfect...right?) so many different emotions for me. It's certainly worth a look. The pilot will tell you whether or not to keep watching, so why not find out?

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    The pilot was excellent, and the second episode kept the magic going. Kiefer ain't exactly Jack Bauer in this, but I dig the show and it gives me my 24 fix.

    The second episode features the actor who played Mike Novak, President Palmer's Chief of Staff. Good stuff.

    Its definitely far fetched, but its very entertaining and pulls at your heart strings. I like it.



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