Minors at Twin Lakes March 28. (?A? levels)

CAUTION: Please do not read too much into today?s lineups as an exceptionally large number of ?regulars? were elsewhere. Some ?A? level players were sent to Dunedin for the Orioles vs. Blue Jays game; some ?A? level players were bumped up to AA/AA to fill in for those players sent to Dunedin.

Frederick SQUAD

Bumbry (5 AB's) CF Clinton
Givens DH
Schutz DH (T/7 moves to LF)
Kolodny RF Hernandez T/8
Sweeny 3B Mosby T/7
Kelly 2B Pena T/7
Nowak LF
Flacco 1B
Tremblay SS Rooney T/7
Dalles (3 AB's) C Perez
(Extras: Mummey, Stifler, Oliveira, Knight)

Delmarva SQUAD

Starr SS Zazueta T/7
Leonora 2B
Bream 1B Velleggia T/6
Lino 2 Sawyer T/6
Sawyer DH (C T/6)
Narron 3B Veloz T/7
Hoppy LF
Murphy DH Davis T/?
Simmons RF
Aguilar CF
(Extras: Crosier, K. Moore)