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    OOTP13 Review - Drungo Hazewood Edition

    Drungo reviews here

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    While I have no time to start playing OOTP (and if I had time I'm sure Diablo 3 would get the nod), it is one of those things I want to have time to waste on.

    Back in High School and College I played in several online leagues based on Front Page Sports Baseball Pro '98. I think it was '98, might have been the '96 incarnation.

    It didn't have near the complexity of OOTP, player ratings were fairly simplistic, but the physics engine used to sim games is really excellent.

    An online league generally consisted of 12-24 teams (rarely would a league have 24 active owners). The league commissioner would simulate about a mont of games twice a week, so you could run through seasons pretty quick. Owners had to send in lineup changes, free agent claims, trades, etc and the commissioner would update your team.

    It was really all about the draft and making trades with other owners. You could get each players potential ratings (power hitting, contact, pitches, etc) for a few players per season from the commissioner so collecting the best young players was always the key to the game.

    Any OOTP leagues work this way?

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    It really is a great game.

    I spent years on my Maryland Baseball League (Odenton's a powerhouse). This year I decided to scrap it and make an East Coast Baseball League. 24 teams from the biggest cities on the East coast. I plan on starting a California Baseball League and associating it with my ECBL this offseason.



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