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    • I am having trouble thinking of a hitting coach who became a manager. Not saying you are wrong, I just cannot remember one. I don’t think that is a huge thing for a managerial candidate, but maybe I am wrong. 
    • I can’t read it because I’m not paying for The Sun but I’m assuming the title of the article gives away what happened; Mateo met with the batting coaches and they made some adjustments which and now he’s finding success.    I have always wondered about this, how far away is a .220 hitter from becoming a good hitter? What adjustments can these guys make in order to become successful?     All of these guys are freak athletes, even the 25th man on the roster, a guy like McKenna. McKenna has elite hand eye coordination. As @DrungoHazewoodlikes to explain, the worst guy in the majors is still in the top 99.9% of baseball players in the world.    I mean, we saw it with Jose Bautista. He was here, no one paid him any attention. Bounces around, ends up in Toronto where he gets the right coaching and becomes a big time power hitter.    I would argue that there’s not much from a physical and raw skills perspective separating a guy like Mateo from Bautista.  What if Mateo doesn’t land here and get this coaching? What if he winds up in Detroit or Cleveland or Arizona?  Does he never figure it out there?  What if Bautista never goes to Toronto?  
    • Maybe this will help.  I don't expect Hall to complete 4 innings.   Walks.  Pitch Count.   Hopefully, the game will be close when he leaves the game.
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