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    • I think it's pretty obvious.  They want to make sure there's a catcher on the 40-man when Adley gets traded to the Angels are part of the package for Ohtani.  In all seriousness, who knows what the FO is thinking.
    • If he does any more of these we might just have to in order to keep track.  As good as Elias has done overall to rebuild this franchise, he really does make some headscratching moves at times.
    • I think what people are talking about is on Adley's days off from catching to keep him and his bat fresh. Nobody should be considering Adley to move off catcher to any other position full time anytime soon. His extreme value comes from being a great bat AS a plus defensive catcher. 
    • Can we start a separate thread for "Moves that completely befuddle us"?   Adding Bemboom to the 40 man makes no sense.  I agree but it's not really bothering me. The move to bring up Hall for that start against the Rays.
    • I wonder if anyone would take Santander and Mountcastle for a TOR Starter w/o costing any top prospects?  I believe Santander MUST be traded as his value will never be higher, yet in my opinion he's overvalued. I also believe that the hidden data on Mountcastle makes him valuable in some teams' eyes and I don't believe we would be selling low on him. I could see other teams interested in his 30 HR potential in a better hitter's park, athletic play around the bag, and 3 more years of cost control.  I think both could fit in well in Miami as they have no real 1B option and Santander could hit 30 HRs as a DH/RF
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