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    • You may remember that around the time of the draft I pointed out, in response to the “more athletic Zack Greinke” comment, that Greinke has won five Gold Gloves and is one of the best-hitting pitchers in MLB.  I seriously doubt Baumler is more athletic than Greinke, but I will take the remark as a high compliment about his athleticism.    The other pitcher who’s supposed to be very athletic is DL Hall.   If so, you have to wonder why he’s having control/command issues.    You’d think that being a good athlete would lead to having good control/command.     
    • By definition none of our prospects will have done or shown anything in the majors (or very little if they have). He’s shown a good lefty bat which gives him some value as a super utility guy potentially, a designation you lamented. Seems like a bit of a tautological criticism to say “well it’s just the minors.”
    • Only if you choose to define them that way.   Take a guy like Brad Miller.   He’s had an 8-year career mostly as a utility guy  and has played 7 positions.    He’s a poor fielder and yet keeps finding work because he can hit a little.   
    • I just read the scouting report about Vavra. It says his weak arm is a problem when it comes to turning double plays as a second baseman. It seems like having him play shortstop will be as big of a waste of time as it was for Mountcastle.
    • Agreed. I do get the feeling that Elias' targeting of players is with a little more specific projection/opinion of what we can do for the player in mind than our org has had in the past. I'm sure we've always thought we can "help" an acquired player get to the next level, but this development team probably has a little better plan for doing so and thus a better shot at actually accomplishing that than our previous regimes over, say, the last 40-50 years.
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