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    • Hays should be on the IL by then.
    • Eddie Gamboa did make the majors with the Rays in 2016 and Baseball Reference has him wearing an O's hat.  Does that count?
    • My guess: If they trade Cobb at the deadline they will already have paid 2/3s of his salary.   If Elias can dump half of Cobb's salary for a Dominican player that will probably never make the majors......he is gone. I don't know Elias plans for Diaz but if he think he will be promoted by some time in May he will need to find at bats for him.   Nunez  staying on a 30 homer pace means he could make 2 or 3 million in arbitration.   I don't see Elias paying that when he can replace him with a current O's prospect make less than 600K.   Alberto will be a one and a half years from FA in July.  So if someone makes an offer that gets Elias a good return Alberto  is gone.  Valaika is almost the same player.   Hit lefties but not righties.  Plays a decent 2B with some versatility.  And Valaika will be cheaper by a million or two. Davis probably stays on the 26 man roster so they can see if there is a work stoppage in the next two years that saves the O's part of his salary.   So the bench is Davis, a catcher, an outfielder and an infielder that can play SS well enough to backup Iglesias.   With Martin at AAA to start the season Elias has to go find that player.          
    • From I recall, didn't seem like a knuckleball so much as an eephus pitch.
    • I was just perusing the old Fangraphs, looking to see if anyone had thrown a knuckleball in 2020.  Last year there were a handful of guys who threw a few flutterballs, but I knew Steven Wright was out with an injury.  According to the pitch type listings the only people who've thrown the pitch this year are position players: Erik Kratz, Todd Frazier, and Holaday.  But it's so few pitches, and players who don't normally pitch, I don't know if it wasn't just a mis-categorization of a batting practice curveball or something. Does anyone remember Holaday's stint on the mound on August 14th?  I certainly wasn't watching the end of a 15-3 blowout loss.  The only clue in the game thread was @SteveA commenting that "Holaday bringing it at 73 MPH". If we could get confirmation that he threw a knuckler, that might be the first one by an Oriole pitcher since Dan Boone in 1990, although Fangraphs says Ryan Flaherty may have also thrown a few knucklers in a pitching appearance in '16.  But again we'd need confirmation that it wasn't just a 71 mph junkball that the trackers didn't know what to do with.
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