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    • Where I used to post, there was a poster who used to strongly argue against rebuilding.  I disagree with many of aspects of his plan and how he thought the Os should go about things however, the one thing he was dead on about is that rebuilding doesn’t bring you anything unique outside of the (hopefully) #1 pick and more draft allotment money. Outside of that, rebuilding doesn’t provide you anything that you can’t do already.  For example, the Dodgers continue to spend internationally, draft and develop well, play their young guys every year, etc...They draft near the end of every round every year and it hasn’t mattered.  Those are all of the things people will point to that you should do with a rebuild yet none of them are exclusive to whether you win 60 games lose 60 games. And btw, let’s remember that a lot of our better prospects were here before Elias. I was perfectly fine with them tanking early on for the high picks...but I’m not ok with it now.  What we saw at the end of last year is what I was hoping for in 2020..a lot of young talent making it’s way up here and getting that experience.  We should see a lot more of that in 2021. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also make trades, spend wisely in FA, etc..There is no reason for this team to field a team that would be lucky to win 70 games in 2021.  I’m not saying they need a 150M payroll in 2021 but they should be fielding a team very capable of being a 500 team provided that the young guys perform.  2022 should be the year this team is contending. The Orioles (and every other team) will never be good if their young talent doesn’t develop.  That’s just reality.  Those guys need to be able to play and I would agree that you don’t block those players from playing.  But the Os have room in several areas of the team to add higher quality talent and they are hiding behind the rebuilding idea to not do it.  And the idea that many of you fans are ok with that is sad to me.  You expect so little from this team right now and that is all they have given you for the last 3 years.  They have saved a ton of money and yet you buy into the “we are poor” mantra.  I just don’t get that.    The Os are one of the few teams in the league right now that can use their payroll as an advantage.  Take on a bad contract for a top prospect.  Sign a FA that normally wouldn’t come here.  Trade for a guy on a higher but reasonable contract.  Things like that but they aren’t even considering those things and the fan base is content with that.  I don’t get it.  
    • Some interesting observations: Team names on jerseys are in English None of their shirts have armpits Team name "Dinos" evokes an image of a stubby-armed T.Rex trying to deal with a fastball, low and away
    • Is that him standing back off to the left? A bit tough to tell with the masks.   
    • I don’t see him in the photo. I guess he’s off to one of the sides. 
    • Woah woah woah there. Just wanted clarification.    
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