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  2. Yes, the whole package is meaningful, but lyrics are words, and the best lyrics are those that have life and meaning and power of their own without the music. Quite a few opera librettos contain lyrics that are no different from daily conversation, but are made beautiful by the music. But great lyrics don’t need the music to be great, and that’s why I think Simon is elite
  3. That's not the way I look at it. I listen to songs; with rare exceptions, I don't read the lyrics. Some song lyrics stand alone very well; others don't. But what I care about is the package of lyrics, melody, arrangement, instrumentation and vocal performance. I realize that some of those elements are independent of the songwriter.
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    That's interesting. I would have originally guessed that the resurgences of Hays, Mullins, Valaika, and DJ, the continually hot Iglesias and Mountcastle, and the subtraction of Davis and Smith, Jr. would have bolstered the team stats more during the last 20 games.
  6. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outs_above_average?type=Fielding_Team&year=2020&team=&range=year&min=q&pos=of&roles=&viz=show And...Stewart's good catches and a few Mullins + Hays days late got the Orioles up to 9th (this is perhaps the same thing Mountcastle/Kremer will do for the FARM rank). If Yusniel is actually any good, it could be fun to see what Hays/Mullins/Diaz could do, with Mountcastle/Santander 1B/DH.
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  8. Thi is all about the possibility that the 2021 season will be shortened. The Orioles saved a ton of money on Davis this season. If they can save a chunk again next year, they will wait to let it play out.
  9. No doubt about that
  10. The draft order article on the CBS sports site shows the once mighty O's picking fifth. It also says that Manfred Mann can change the way the order is done since the teams did not play 81 games. Keep in mind that this is the same butthead that wants to move the mound back two feet because the supposed best baseball players in the world can't handle the velocity the pitchers throwing with.
  11. Yes that’s true, but at the same time, if Elias were planning to dump Davis on Tuesday, on Monday, he’d still be preaching the party line, so whatever he says regarding Davis is irrelevant to the actual plans.
  12. The best lyrics are those that stand alone without the music and work well as poetry. Although he’s outside this discussion, Oscar Hammerstein was a wonderful lyricist, because he was a wonderful poet. To read,” I am a rock”, or, “bridge over troubled waters” For example, is to read really fine poetry. Simon also wrote some silly stuff, like “Cecelia“ but when he tried to be meaningful, he succeeded very well. I do not know all the guys that you mentioned, but Among those that I do know, I can’t think of any lyrics that are especially deep. I suppose it depends upon how you define “deep” as well as what you’re looking for in your music. If you would like to share some representative examples, I’ll be happy to check them out.
  13. Big John Martyn fan here. He's my favorite of that sort.
  14. Van Morrison, Tom Waits, and Townes Van Zandt! Paul Simon is really second tier at best.
  15. o That was probably not the best handling of the situation by Bowie Kuhn, especially in regard to what happened with the Reds. In the pre-Wildcard days, it wasn't unusual for one team to win 95 games and not make the playoffs while another team won 90 games and made it because one team's division was weaker than the other ...... but for the Reds to have had the best overall record in the Major Leagues and not make the post-season marked a whole new level of fairness inefficiency. o
  16. I was a little disappointed that the O's won a meaningless game at the end of the season and it cost them a draft spot. I know that it's not that big a deal but, the idea of Boston getting back Sale, Rodriguez and Benintendi and picking in front of of the O's is infuriating.
  17. Yea, if he's not a "TOR starter," that's okay. Nobody thought he was anything as a prospect before 2019. Even if he's not a TOR, he's got a pretty comfortable shot at being a 2 or 3 for a contending team. Combine that with Kremer (maybe a 3 or 4 on a good team?) and Akin (maybe a 4 or 5?), then Hall/GrayRod (who both have TOR potential), as you mentioned, and you have the foundation of a really strong rotation.
  18. The results for much of last year put him there and he has a bit more velocity along with a solid end in 2020. That said, I'm very hesitant to go there. I would honestly be quite happy if he gives us a solid mid-rotation option for the next several years. That would allow him to be a dependable anchor in the rotation as Akin and Kremer get a full year next year and we start introducing Hall and Grayson to the mix in the next couple seasons (along with Baumann, Lowther, Smith, etc.).
  19. 9 of 18 outs were K's. As I watched there were several deeper counts and felt like there was more work than the no hitter suggested. Still looked good, but no quick innings based on pitch counts.
  20. I was saying that last year too. I'll believe Davis is no longer part of the "future" when I see the news he was DFA'ed.
  21. Exactly. Sure, John Means could go 17-7 a year for each of the next 14 years. Or maybe he goes 19-33 the rest of his career. Yes, he's looked really good at times, not quite so good at others. I did a query of guys who had 100-400 innings pitched and a FIP between 4.25-4.75 through age 27 in the last 100 years. Means is kind of in the middle of that. Some names I recognize: Andrew Miller, Boof Bonser, Joe Saunders, Rodrigo Lopez, Wade LeBlanc, Wei-Yin Chen, Rich Hill, J.A. Happ, Jason Grimsley, Ed Farmer, Mike Bielecki, Garrett Stephenson, Charlie Hough, Al Leiter, Mark Redman, Tim Wakefield, Willis Roberts, Paul Byrd, Jerry Don Gleaton, Tyler Wilson, Gene Harris, Tim Worrell, Jim Konstanty, Dave DeBusschere, Greneral Crowder. Not too many top-of-the-rotation starters there, but who knows?
  22. But we do know the answer about all of them taken collectively. The notion that the Orioles currently have one of the best offenses in the majors is flatly wrong. That was asserted several times in early-to-mid August.
  23. Green font, you gotta remember the green font.
  24. At least he isn't likely to be clogging the bases.
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