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  2. No, I’ve probably said crazier. I didn’t say it wouldn’t improve, I said I doubt it will, and i said that even if it gets back to his career 89 WRC, it won’t compensate for his defense. That’s what I said. And that’s not crazy.
  3. I like him too. And he won’t be traded unless he nets a huge return, but I think he’s going to be increasingly valuable.
  4. Today
  5. I liked Bedard, word is his teammates liked him. Thing is he didn't suffer fools so the media didn't care for him. So very much of our opinions about players is filtered through the media.
  6. On what basis are you saying his hitting won’t improve? Honestly, that’s the craziest thing you’ve ever said on this website.
  7. I think there's a decent chance Means gets traded for assets, but he is much more likable than Bedard. I'll be sad if day comes when Means is traded. I had no such feelings when Bedard was traded to the Mariners.
  8. O's84


    Has he ever made a positive post? lol
  9. Nah. He’s going to be Eric Bedard 2021.
  10. His career CS rate is exactly 33%( 24 of 72) but that’s due entirely to 13 of 29 in 2018, and Jon Shepard had a post at the time about how his pitchers were skewing those numbers. meanwhile, in 4+ seasons he has amassed l, among other thing, a minus 19 DRS, and minus 16.4 FRM which is below average. His bad defense is certainly not an anomaly. Whether his bad hitting improves remains to be seen, but I doubt it, and even if he gets back to his career 89WRC, it doesn’t compensate for his defense.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised with any outcome for this outfield group. Santander might carry the most trade value, Hays has the most diverse fielding ability and Mullins might just keep surprising us. But Stewart’s AB’s have been looking more and more comfortable and I could see OBP being valued with a slew of RBI guys on their way.
  12. By the way, the team has a 3.10 ERA this year when Sisco catches, and he’s 3 for 3 throwing out runners. If we’re going to draw absurd conclusions based on a handful of games, how about taking these facts into the equation?
  13. He’s a guy who’s had an OPS of .729 and .741 the last two years. So I say the 20 PA are an anomaly. Not even an anomaly, it’s the kind of hiccup that goes largely unnoticed during the season but gets blown all out of proportion when it happens in the first 20 PA of the year. I’m not saying there should be no concern. Sisco has to hit decently to be worthwhile keeping on the roster. But you don’t draw conclusions based on 20 PA. Not even when the player didn’t hit well in spring training. Like I said, let me know how he’s doing in mid- to late May.
  14. I think he's more likely to be traded when players like Diaz and Milk Carton Lad make it to the majors. No great insight, I just think he gets lost in the roster squeeze.
  15. He's still under team control for a few more years. Why do you say he's not part of the O's future? Please elaborate.
  16. That’s a bit of a strawman, because he’s not much different than he always has been. He’s always been terrible on defense, had a very high strike out rate, but was able to work a walk, and block pitches better than Severino. Now he’s not walking and he’s apparently not blocking pitches. And his strike out rate will of course improve, but right now it’s 50%, and 50% is not good.And his strike out rate will of course improve, but right now it’s 50%, and 50% is not good. if these last 20 at bats were an anomaly, then yes you would have a point, but they really aren’t.
  17. I don't think he's part of the Orioles future either way. Could be make or break for it he has a quality ML career.
  18. Philip


    Where’s that crossbow?
  19. I see this as a make or break year for Stewart. Give him plenty of at-bats. See what we have with him. Part of the future or not.
  20. Sit Mancini. I have no idea how long Stewart will be good, but he’s good now so he should play. Mancini and MC are both scuffling, so I can’t choose between them, but Stewart needs to be on the lineup.
  21. Personally, I don't really think a jury could be seated on whether Elias has addressed pitching development or not yet. We clearly have some guys who might, but they haven't been tested. I agree it was a total weak point for two or three decades. But I'm certainly not ready to say this is a 10 year multiple GM rebuild we are in either. That seems an excessive assessment. We're not even into May and have only had a handful of games that were out of reach. If we play at .475 or higher for a full season after last year, I feel like that is a great success and would expect a more competitive team in the next 2-3 years under the same GM. Pitching development is an area of required proficiency, but I just don't think there's enough evidence from the changes that have been made to even measure their effectiveness at this point. Perhaps with all of the other changes, we are developing capital to acquire arms while building the foundation to a long-term pipeline of arms a few years down the road???
  22. Philip


    No he doesn’t. He’s a DH/1B and the sooner he moves mentally and not just physically, the better.
  23. Philip


    Did you prefer Lacy or Witt?
  24. Behind a paywall, but has us potentially linked to prep SS Marcelo Mayer. the write up on Mayer: “3. Marcelo Mayer (18.6), SS, Eastlake HS (California), USC commit, 50 FV Mayer's spring season just began, and he's got a real shot to be at the top of this second tier on draft day because he has both the safety (elite hit tool by performance and to the eye, likely to stick at shortstop) and upside (stars in the draft are most often found among elite high school shortstops). He was at only a few events last summer, so his spring performance from here on out will carry some weight, but he has been seen a decent amount before that at Team USA events and because he played alongside 2019 first-rounder Keoni Cavaco at Eastlake. Chatter within the industry is that the slick-handed infielder likely goes either third (Detroit), fourth (Boston) or fifth (Baltimore)” This is the first I’m hearing about him, but I like the write-up.
  25. Yesterday
  26. They may both have to sit, if you play Hays/Mullins/Santander and Mancini at 1B, with no DH. I doubt Hyde plays it that way both days though.
  27. I forgot too, it’s not unusual to forget which side a guy bats/throws with, especially if you listen most of the time.
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