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  2. As a hockey fan first and foremost, I have always had a dislike of Gary Thorne for his obvious hatred of certain teams at all costs - mispronouncing names on purpose (how can you can call it wrong for years in that business?) and his seeming dis-interest at times. Whenever he would call a hockey game i would turn the sound off to enjoy the game instead of listening to him. As a lifelong Orioles fan - I often chose to listen to the radio calls over the tv voices. I really enjoyed Jon Miller doing the weekly games but not as an Oriole pbp man. He annoyed the hell out of me for always trying to be cute with the same stories over and over instead of calling what was going on. I'm sure i am in the minority but i loved the Mel Proctor/John Lowenstein combo on HTS. I like what i've heard from Ben McDonald and B Rob. I couldn't bring myself to pay for the MLB network last year and am on the fence if i'm going to do so this year. Probably just catch the free games when i can. I tend to be much busier outside from spring through fall anyway. I'm still a damn box score junkie and read everything i can. Being a couple states away from easy local coverage makes it tougher but i wouldn't trade it for anything.
  3. I’m not sure that defense improves with age. Nunez’ speed is below average and getting slower, and I don’t know how common footwork or inaccurate throws improve. I’d still prefer someone more versatile, but I trust Mike.
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  5. Its pretty telling that I am more upset about the Orioles and MASN getting rid of our favorite announcers than I am about the piss poor teams they have put together over the last 5 years, but alas, this is where we are. I would always have the pre-game show on while I was cleaning up dinner, so now I guess its just MLBN all the time except when our game is actually on. I've always liked Dempsey and Tom Davis and their over the top homerism. I'm not sure why they get criticized, as I have no problems with local guys supporting the team that we all love. Gary Thorne is the biggest blow here. Yes, he would make occasional mistakes with names or pitch locations, but unless you are visually impaired, I sure don't need a TV play by play guy to tell me what's happening on my screen. Gary was an entertainer, pure and simple. He made even the worst Orioles blowouts entertaining to watch, his his stories, humor, and whiskey laugh. I used to love the 7th inning Jack Daniels break, where he would proudly spout out..."Drink................................................five minutes later........responsibly!" Made me laugh every time. On a personal note, 7 years ago when my wife and I went to our first (and thus far only) Spring Training trip, my wife ran into Gary at FanFest and was asking him for advice since he lives in the Sarasota area. He took a good 10-15 minutes of his time to address her questions, make suggestions on where to stay, eat, what to do, etc. He is a great guy, and I know he doesn't need this job, but I for one will sure miss him. As for the Orioles. Their on field product stinks. They are cutting the shows on MASN. They've been holding my season ticket money for 2 years without me having any positive to it. I'd say this might just be the final straw to make me use my season ticket money after 2021 on more "entertaining" products.
  6. "He's got a modest two game hitting streak"
  7. I know Tom Davis is a sort of Master at this. He'll probably pop back up on MASN or WJZ. He'll just buy his own time from them as he's done with football and baseball shows on WJZ before. He'll get a sponsor to pay a certain amount for the desk to say "Weis" or "Eskay" or "Utz or all of them. It'll be enough to pay the on-air fee, plus more to pay himself. That's what those hilarious Mars fliers and picking your favorite snacks with Dave Johnson were all about that a poster above mentioned... sponsorships. Programming thru sponsorship using time on the local stations that would otherwise be devoted to infomercials.
  8. I love a good MASN pile on but outside of Gary Thorne I can't bring myself to get mad at any of the recent decisions. The streaming ordeal is not any different than the vast majority of other teams' options. Most of them require a cable subscription and aren't offered on Youtube TV, Hulu Tv and Sling. This also isn't really much different than Fox sports go, BTN, ESPN etc. where you still have to pay for a subscription package of some sort. As far as i know, none of these sports streaming services act as a Netflix/HBO model where you just pay a monthly fee for that content and that content alone. I pay for Hulu Tv to be able to watch live sports on all of those apps mentioned above. Even if you purchase ESPN + as a standalone service you don't get access to games not exclusively aired on ESPN+. Meaning you still require a subscription package to watch, say, the NCAA playoff games. I do wonder if this is out of the Orioles hands in terms of what they are able to offer their fans regarding streaming. Doesn't change the fact that they were still late to offer mobile streaming at all and their programming was badly produced and very boring compared to other networks. Others may disagree, but i'd rather watch paint dry than watch Dave Johnson and Tom Davis on Wall to Wall Baseball. They have an opportunity with this app to have a more modern fan experience and it seems like they are sort of touting that. The devil is in the details though so we'll see.
  9. Tell them that they aren’t paying them. I’m sure plenty of people would love the exposure and would volunteer for it. Isn't that what they are doing with the group of broadcaster's they brought in last year? Think of the exposure you'd get doing big league games. Get a free sub, chips, and a coke at Weiss. No criticism, or no sub and you're out of here by sundown.
  10. Boston just acquired Garrett Richards. His career has been plagued by injuries but when he's healthy he's very good.
  11. The Angelosii would never do that, tho. Too much unfettered criticism of the club... It is pretty crappy that they are doing this now as Brittney Girolli pointed out. With the other furloughs through the system, this is beginning to feel like inheritance tax saving measures or outright sale...
  12. Excellent idea. I’ve always thought teams could make extra money by putting up some radio kiosks around the stadium and letting people sign up to “call” a half-inning or so of a game, and take home the recording of their time. Good recordings could be submitted as audition tapes. Would be a terrific way to show how it’s done, complete with PDFs, station breaks, ads, and so on, in a harmless way, find worthwhile talent, create meaningful memories for the customer(“ I got to call Davis’ ten thousandth strikeout!”) and to make some money for the team.
  13. It’s intriguing to look at the virtues and flaws of a team: offense, defense, and pitching, the big triangle. The Jays sure seem to have improved everything, but what about their D? The Yankees are always powerful, but what about their pitching? They have, what, a solid 1,2,3 now after getting Taillon? How’s their D? I loathe the Red Sox, but I think we can be negative about them without bias. The Rays always surprise, so just because they got rid of some big names doesn’t mean they don’t have some outstanding unknowns to offer this season. Too soon for predictions, but I’m hoping the Os will be looking down on the BoSox at least.
  14. https://thestreamable.com/channels/regional-sports
  15. Where do you think the Orioles rotation will rank amongst the five in terms of ERA in 2021?
  16. If MASN was smart, they would do the post game and pre game shows and use bloggers, website owners and people like that. Tell them that they aren’t paying them. I’m sure plenty of people would love the exposure and would volunteer for it.
  17. I'll really miss Gary Thorne, but the others honestly not much. I know Gary made some blatant miscues, but his voice and his personality made up for it. I'm glad McDonald is back, I enjoy his commentary. I think Garceau and Palmer will be a good combo. I'm giving the new announcers more time before I can really say, it was such a weird year last year. Glad Dempsey and Brob will still be around though. Dempsey was a homer and I get that, but some of his takes were outrageous at times. I also noticed the last few years Tom Davis became super condescending on the post game radio shows, saying things like "What the fans don't get" and "what I wish the fans would understand" about things that he was obviously wrong about. My co-workers and I would talk about it all the time. Dave Johnson always sounded like he had 3 Lifesavers in his mouth. Mike Bordick was a great guy, but his forced enthusiasm got old quickly. To me Jim Hunter was insufferable. I just felt like he suffered from the Dunning-Kruger effect. Google it, you'll see his picture. As an aside, one of my favorite memories was when Pat Sajak was doing the post game show on the radio with Dave Johnson and Tom Davis. They got to the portion where they would look through the Mars circular. I was laughing so hard in my car as Pat Sajak was slowly wondering what the hell he was doing there as they made him select his top 3 favorite items on sale that week, followed by Dave Johnson telling stories about dropping ice cream off at his mom's house and Tom Davis talking about how great a deal it was for all these different types of chips/snacks.
  18. The Eight Players Who Debuted Between May 8 and June 8, 2013 As explained, the Super Two date is not known until the end of the season two years after a player’s debut. But based on experience in other years, in 2013 the likely cutoff date would have been in the May 8 – June 8 window. Generally speaking, the later the debut date in this window, the more reason to think the team was probably trying to game the Super Two date. But in each case you have to look at the circumstances. Derek Dietrich, May 8: A second round pick by Tampa in 2010, Dietrich split 2012 between Hi A and AA and posted an .811 and .753 OPS at those stops. He had never been ranked in the BA top 100. He got off to a hot start in 2013, posting a .913 OPS in 28 AA games, and got his call-up. He had a .679 OPS in the majors in 56 games before being returned to AA, where he finished out the MiL season with an .869 OPS the rest of the way and did not get a September call-up. He’s bounced between the majors and minors a few times. He actually became a Super Two after the 2016 season, as the result of the accumulation of a couple partial seasons worth of service time. Verdict: No manipulation. Kevin Gausman, May 23: I won’t belabor this one because you are all familiar with him. The no. 4 overall pick in 2012, he was ranked no. 26 by BA going into 2013. He made his major league debut after making 8 AA starts in which he posted a 3.11 ERA. From there, he bounced back and forth between the majors and minors numerous times in 2013-15. He eventually became a full time major leaguer in 2016 and was a Super Two after that season, like Dietrich, based on the accumulation of a few partial seasons. After being traded to Atlanta in his Arb-2 season, he was released in his Arb-3 season. Verdict: No manipulation Cesar Hernandez, May 29: An international signee unranked by BA, Hernandez spent most if 2012 in AA and spent the last 30 games in AAA, OPSing .781 and .567. He had an .811 OPS in 50 AAA games in 2013 before his call-up. He only spent 10 days with the Phillies before going back to the minors, and then returned to the majors during September call-ups. Spent a good bit of 2014 in the minors as well and ended up as a Super Two after the 2016 season based on several partial seasons. Got released before his Arb 4 season after making $7.75 mm in Arb 3, and signed with Cleveland for $6.25 mm this season and had a great year, winning a Gold Glove and being worth 1.8 rWAR in the short season. He’s a free agent now. Verdict: No manipulation. Alex Wood, May 30: A second round pick in 2012, Wood got no higher than low A that summer and was not ranked by BA going into 2013. In hindsight, he should have been. He skipped high A, made 10 AA starts with a 1.26 ERA, got promoted to the majors, where he was used in relief. Though he was highly effective in his first 16 appearances, he was sent to AAA where he made one start and then returned to the majors as a starter. He finished the year with 123 days of service which ended up being one week short of what he would have needed to qualify as a Super Two. Verdict: Certainly no manipulation to delay free agency. You can argue that the Braves could have called him up sooner but waited for May 30 for Super Two reasons. But honestly, he was a second round pick who made it to the majors less than a year after he was drafted – are you really going to argue his debut was delayed for service time reasons? Michael Wacha, May 30: Drafted no. 19 in 2012 and ranked no. 76 by BA going into 2013, like Wood and Gausman from that class he made it to the majors in less than a year. In 2012 he only pitched 8 innings but the Cardinals tested him in rookie league, high A and AA in those innings. He went straight to AAA to begin 2013, and was called up after making nine starts to a 2.05 ERA in the hitter-friendly PCL. He made three starts, with two very good starts sandwiching one poor outing, and got sent back to the minors for a month before returning to the majors for the rest of the season. He ended up accruing 62 days of service time that year, nowhere close to on track for Super Two. Verdict: Like Wood, you could argue that he could have been called up a week or two earlier, but it’s really hard to argue that his debut was delayed artificially and the Cards didn’t keep him in the majors all year anyway. I’d say no manipulation. Alex Colome, May 30: An international signee, Colome had been ranked no. 68 by BA before the 2010 season but was unranked the next four years. In 2012 he spent most of the year as a starter in AA and started 3 games at AAA at the end of the year. He made ten AAA starts in 2013, to a 2.60 ERA, and got his call-up, but only for one start. He had an excellent game (5.2 IP, 5 H, 0 ER) but was sent back to the minors for five more starts, returning on June 22. He got hurt after two starts and missed the rest of the year. He began 2014 on the DL, and ended up pitching only five major league games in 2014. Verdict: More of a borderline case than some of the others. It could have been possible to start Colome in the majors after three AAA starts the year before, but the case wasn’t compelling. The fact that, once he got called up on May 30, they sent him right back for five more starts, suggests that his debut had not been timed with Super Two in mind. But, I can’t say for sure. Yasiel Puig, June 3: Puig already had signed a major league contract in 2012 with salaries that extended all the way through 2018. After signing on June 29, he played a month of minor league ball in 2012 getting as high as A+. He played AA in 2013 for 40 games before his call-up. Verdict: This is a unique case. The Dodgers already had Puig signed for 2012-2018. Would they really have delayed his call-up to gain an extra year of service? If so, his Super Two status would be completely irrelevant since he was under contract for all but his Arb 4 season. So, if they thought he was ready for the majors, they could have called him up in late April and gotten the extra year, but they chose to wait until early June to call him up. I can only conclude that service time issues were not a factor in when Puig got called up. Scooter Gennett, June 3: A 16th round pick in 2009, Gennett played 2012 in AA and posted a .714 OPS. He was unranked by BA. He posted a .719 OPS in the PCL in 50 games before his call-up. He spent three weeks in the majors, posted a .607 OPS in that time and was returned to the minors. He was called up again at the end of July and spent the rest of the year in the majors. He stayed in the majors throughout 2014 but bounced back and forth a bit in 2015. Verdict: No manipulation. That concludes the players who debuted during the period where Super Two status was uncertain. Only Cesar Hernandez and Alex Colome had played any AAA ball going into 2013, and each case they had spent less than a month there. In the end, only Alex Wood came close to attaining Super Two status, falling a week short, and it’s a bit hard to say his debut was deferred for that reason given his little MiL experience and unranked status going into 2013. In my opinion, while it is possible that service time issues played some role in decisions for a couple of these players, there is no obvious case of service time manipulation in any of these. I will have one more long post looking at the 7 players who were called up from June 9-30, which would have been considered “safe” from a Super Two perspective. I probably won’t get to that before the weekend, because it takes some time to put these together. But I’ll tease it by saying I do think there’s at least one pretty clear case of service time manipulation in that group, and maybe more.
  19. I cut the cord a few years ago when the team went into re-building mode. I use the MLB app for instant video highlights and Orioles game updates and that keeps me in the loop without the time investment or the cable bill. I can get the Ravens on over-the-air antenna so that keeps my sports entertainment costs way down.
  20. DJ Stewart wasn’t just a participant. He was a driving force behind the [mini-camp] idea. “The first thing I can say is this guy will work harder than anybody else we have out there,” said first base coach and outfield instructor Anthony Sanders, who ran the camp with minor league coaches Matt Packer and Anthony Villa. “He’s putting the time in. He’s one of the guys who kind of pushed to have this camp and work on some stuff that he knows he needs to. He just needs to continue to slow the game down. In practice and everything he’s done a great job. He had a great minicamp. And it’s a big year for DJ. The way he finished off last year and the adversity he had when he struggled at the beginning and how he finished was awesome to see. “DJ, for a bigger guy he’s more athletic than people think he is.” https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/01/more-from-sanders-on-outfielders-at-minicamp-and-one-who-wasnt.html
  21. There's really no where else for Mountcastle to play this season. Mancini will be the likely 1B as long as health permits, and unfortunately Davis is going to take some AB's at first. Hopefully at some point this season this will clear up some and Mountcastle can play first effectively.
  22. There are a lot of good, unproven young arms in the division.
  23. Those Bieber overlay's are ridiculous. No change in arm angle, delivery or release. Absolutely filthy.
  24. You sound like me.... Hate the price tag for both, but no other viable options
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