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  2. Going into 2009, Tillman was BA’s no. 22 prospect, Matusz no. 25, Arrieta no. 67. Britton wasn’t ranked yet but was no. 63 the next year. Brad Bergesen was the reigning Eastern League pitcher of the year. David Hernandez had led the league. In strikeouts. So, it was a more impressive group than your post suggests.
  3. Even worse living with the knowledge that Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr. could have been the Orioles owner all this time, but thanks to Peter Angelos outbidding him it never happened.
  4. Nothing happens til it happens, but can we glean anything meaningful from what the insiders say? ”Listening to offers” means nothing. Does anyone NOT listen to offers? However, that’s probably indicates less interest than a term like… ”Dangling.” What does that mean? Is GM A calling up GM B and saying,” hey, I got this hot guy, and he can be yours! All I need is XX.” Is GM A being coy and hitting that MAAAAAAYBE he’ll listen…? Regardless, it probably indicates more desire to trade, but maybe not as much as… “Eager to deal” or “seeking the best matchup” which is whe
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  6. I think we are going to have to get some favorable results from our own young pitchers to improve significantly in 2022. Last year was a bottom 20% outcome in that regard compared to the range of possible outcomes from that group. If things break the other way in 2022 we could see a lot more wins. But you can’t just expect that to happen given their performance to date.
  7. I’m happy they’re open to listening to offers. Obviously, you don’t trade him unless there’s a lot coming back.
  8. #1 or #2 in the 2 major lists.
  9. Cedric was one of the few reasons to watch the Orioles last year, but at the same time if you can flip Cedric for two good players and another one or two players that can contribute, then it's something Elias has to consider. Even with their minor league system ranking high now the Orioles still need all the talent they can get. And anyone on the active roster should be available at the right price.
  10. Yes, we definitely have the depth..especially to pick up a guy who is basically a salary dump at this point. But we could acquire any player we want. The system is deep and they are able to get anyone they would want..and then some.
  11. Do you really think we have the depth at any position in the minors to be trading guys away right now? Even looking at our supposed outfield depth, I'm not sure we are deep enough or talented enough there to trade any of them away at this point. Some of the great depth there either hasn't been able to play (Kjerstad) or have little experience yet, even if the experience they do have has been solid (Cowser) or have flopped at this point (Diaz). Like a bunch with this team, I think next year we will hopefully get a much clearer picture on what talent will be in the MLB in the next few years a
  12. Eduardo Escobar off the board. Could have been a fit for 2B/3B.
  13. I completely get it and I agree with listening to offers but man that would sting to lose Mullins.
  14. Lol..that’s supposed to be “bet a large sum of money”.
  15. I like the idea of trading for DeJong. I think that’s a fairly easy thing to accomplish and he provides a high upside target who is signed for a reasonable price for a long time..or he has a chance to be a great trade commodity down the road if Henderson or Westburg turns out. There are other options too…I mentioned adding Gregorious for Santander while also getting back Bryson Stott..we take on the entire DiDi contract. But this likely only makes sense for Philly if they sign one of the SS FA, as was discussed. But there are options like this out there..take on a contract to g
  16. Good. EVERYONE should be available if the price is right. And the price for Mullins may never be higher than it is right now.
  17. What exactly is your plan for SS?
  18. I think it is more delicate a balance than you think it is. I think some young players can lose confidence quickly. If they have not accomplished anything yet, doubt can creep in when they struggle. There are things each player has to show at each level to move forward. The pressure to perform and move up is huge. They can press, try too hard, and things go awry. At some point, they can either compete or they cannot. But I think they have to reach a level of physical, mental and emotional maturity to find out what they are. College stars are different than a HS pick because of their expe
  19. I hate to say it but I hope it happens assuming it’s a good deal. If they’re not even thinking about being competitive til 2024 or so then what’s the point in holding onto Mullins considering this could’ve been an outlier year for him and by the time Elias actually tries to field a major league team then Mullins will be a lot closer to free agency. Also, outside of Rodriguez, I’m realizing there’s no pitching on the way and that is needed badly. I don’t count Hall til he can stay healthy for an extended period of time. Trading Mullins could fix that.
  20. Thats what I was thinking. Mullin's a LH playing in Camden yards. 30 HR's is clearly something he can do going forward. Make the O's an offer they cant refuse.
  21. You don't think that the vast majority of professional athletes have an abundant supply of confidence in their abilities?
  22. I agree, completely. Pretty clear why things began the way they did. Confidence is essential for any player. Starting them conservatively makes complete sense, especially after COVID. I think some thought the alternate sight was more valuable than it actually was, and initial placements of Henderson and Rutschman surprised some. There was no reason to push Rodriguez beyond AA in his 21 year old season after COVID. There is a balance between promotion for the purpose of challenging a prospect, skill development and physical development, including the build up of innings. Pitchers like Drew
  23. You might want to look at his stat line from last year. He did both...so by definition yes he is a 5 WAR + 30 home run player.
  24. Yea, he will be a starter..because the team doesn’t want to try to get better, not because he deserves or has proven himself or is good enough. It’s cheapness, nothing more.
  25. And would likely replace Mullins in CF if he's traded.
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