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  2. Would we rather have Wilk over Valaika, Urena, Velazquez, Etc?
  3. Per Roch. Minor league deal. Super utility candidate.
  4. To be clear, do you think 3 weeks is enough?
  5. Yaz was in the minors for 6 years and a well known college player. I'd say he was evaluated by many baseball scouts and evaluators for many years. I don't think you'll find anyone who thought he was a swing change and philosophical change from being an impact player at the ML level. You didn't have him ranked in our top 30 prospects. What did you miss?
  6. So if I understand your position, Elias bares no responsibility for quickly evaluating and getting rid of Yaz. So how long does Elias need to have a guy in his organization before he bares some responsibility?
  7. Today
  8. That play is one of my favorite all time plays.
  9. But being a 47 win team doesn’t mean you try out “old” mediocre players when they have done nothing to show you that they deserve that chance.
  10. o This game wound up being even more wild than that 1979 All-Star game ........ o
  11. I’ve made multiple points multiple,times. I made the same points during the 47-win season, and I made them multiple times. I’m moving on..
  12. Oh don’t worry, popped up on my screen and I’ve already watched it about 10 times. The camera work is terrible. I can’t believe that they can’t use their cameramen more effectively. But it’s a great play. I wonder if they’re going to score 2 errors in the play or if nobody cares anymore, ha ha
  13. There was nothing in existence at the time to support the emboldened statement. Certainly not his minor league career, nor his performance in the few weeks of spring training that Elias could see. You are basing everything you say on hindsight. Please provide your evidence that shows that Yaz was something other than what he had shown himself to be in the minors BEFORE the trade was made. Until you do that, I'm afraid that you just aren't convincing anyone. That others, most of us in fact, in hindsight, wish we hadn't traded Yaz is quite obvious, but that doesn't mean Elias failed in any way at the time, given the information available to him at the time. There was simply no outcry from people upset about the trade at the time. It was pretty much a ho-hum deal.
  14. It seemed like every important AB in this game -- and that was an awful lot of them -- had at least one missed call by the home plate umpire.
  15. I think this will do it. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/dodgers-vs-rays/2020/10/24/635897#,game_tab=videos,game_state=final,game=635897
  16. And tomorrow it’s Kershaw. All the pressure yet again.
  17. A baserunning blunder befitting Many Machado followed by a Jack Cust impersonation between third and home wins it for the Rays.
  18. I have to listen and usually I’m happy listening, but I wanna see that play.
  19. What an incredible game. What an incredible game...
  20. The article I read parts of suggested that many of his homeruns over the last year came on two strike counts because he went from being a defensive hitter who expanded his zone to an agressive hitter looking for a strike to drive. Since we actually complain about most hitters in baseball not cutting down their swings with two strikes, I tend to think it was more of Yaz deciding to change than some newfound miracle advice but I guess it's possible that the Giants just have better coaches.
  21. Hoping Snell can hold it, just so we can get the real truth about Kenley. We've heard a lot of PR this World Series, but the actions speak louder than words moment approaches.
  22. Classic WS game. I have nothing against Rays but a big part of me wants LA to win. Their excellence over a long time is worthy. I know they have a big payroll but many home grown talents. Well ran team.
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