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    There is absolutely no reason to intentionally hurt another player. Sabathia whining is not justification for potentially ending another players career on purpose. This is absolute stupidity.
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    I am sure it was accidental. There will be no retaliation. Now team needs to send a message to NY by beating them on the field without their best hitter (yes, I said that).
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    Only some kind of sick jerk would advocate purposely injuring another player over this. Get real.
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    The ultimate revenge is beating their asses black and blue where it counts the most, in the box score. Do that and it'll be all the retribution this fan will need.
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    . When Markakis got hit with the pitch and immediately started grabbing his hand in pain, C.C. Sabathia's first reaction was to scream at the umpire, because he wanted it to be called a strike. I have NO sympathy whatsoever with for that piece of garbage franchise about a bad call to end the game. .
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    Buncha Doogie Howser's round' these parts tonight.
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    Lew needs to go opposite field with this.
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    Space Ghost once said "Joey messed up my show, so I messed up his face". Substitute your favorite Yankee and apply thoroughly.
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    People can blow off steam on a messageboard. We have Buck. He'll do the smart and right thing.
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    We're better than that. The Orioles don't take revenge for accidents. They go out and beat the $250M wonders with platoons of indy leaguers and guys the Pirates released!
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    the Fab Four
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    And starts fifteen consecutive losing seasons. Yeah, I know I am being spiteful but I want to see the Yankees experience what we have.
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    ftr he was safe and wasnt close and i love it
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    I think the ghost of Maier may have just been put to rest.
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    Makes up for 2-3 of the thousands of "if Jeter took it it must be a ball" calls.
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    I hope he was safe. The MFY's get every call, payback sucks.
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    1. That might be one of the WORST calls I have ever seen. 2. In the last 14 years, the O's don't get that call. 3. I don't care one damn bit that he was safe.
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    I do not want to see Pedro Strop toe the mound for the Orioles for the rest of the season. He's just lost. Worse than Arrieta was. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
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    Teams have learned to make Strop throw a fastball. His slider is useless now. This is the guy alot of people were saying trade Johnson and insert Strop and it wouldn't matter. Strop can't handle the 8th now that the pressures on, he'd crash and burn hard as closer. I hope teams still value his potential, because id look to get the best we can for him this winter.
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    5-3 ballgame in the 8th vs the Yanks and Gregg and Hunter were warming up. Scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. And I saw the Blair Witch Project at age 9 or something.
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    G_M_ THR_ _D. I'd like to buy a vowel.
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    --- LINK I wonder if Joe is equally frustrated that his fat tub of an ace apparently lacks sufficient "command" to pitch inside.
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    The rage I've focused on that fat mother----er is indescribable at the moment.
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    May 28, 29, 30th 2010 Luke Scott had 5 HR and 11 RBI against the Tigers. Jim Leyland vowed not to pitch to him again.
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    Yes, I think that he has a pretty good idea.
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    Yes. That's wrong. You should be thinking in terms of getting together with me, going to his hotel room, and dressing up as Yankee fans to catch him off guard. We would meet him, smile, shake his hand, and when he thought the conversation was over, I would jump on his back and throttle my arms around his throat, and you would whale away at his midsection until you broke 3 of his ribs. You're too passive, Milligan.
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    Destruction in progress; please wait... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
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    "Towards short..." Are there any better words for an O's fan to hear?
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    I know I sound like a jack*ss saying this, but if you've been following the team this season and you still need something to make you have the feeling, nothing ever will, you're lost in some dead end of baseball Purgatory. Good luck gettin' out, man!
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    foundies! Never seen this before! [video=youtube;N0jRX69mxcE]
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    Yes. Especially in baseball, with the 162-game marathon season. Several times earlier this year, posters would chastise our lineup, only to see them go out and win. Also ...... who would have thought that we would have KO'd Chris Sale after 4 innings, knocked Felix Hernandez out of the game on the losing end, or made Justin Verlander have a mediocre 6-inning, 3-run outing against us ??? Just as is the case with all of the criticism of the bullpen management, I think that Buck knows what the hell he is doing with this team, both in the individual games as well as in the long trek over the course of the entire season.
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    Unfortunately it was a 1 run homer and he gave it right back in the top of the 9th with an Ole so Epic that Juan Belmonte Garcia would have been impressed.
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    I got ejected in the 3rd. Didn't you hear the 9 rounds of .40 cal gunfire I let off into the sky? I was celebrating like New Years Eve in the DR.
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    Man, the Yard is going to be electric once the O's take the lead.
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    I got you covered. Great call JD. I called Davis' HR last night (I was at the game). :thumbsup1:
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    [video=youtube;VUFxj59Fa9o] [video=youtube;3ISLeHByD-I] [video=youtube;rl-WSmryfSY] funks
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    I'm not joking. People get away with **** because they can hide behind the law (or Bud Selig). No way that was unintentional. Sorry you're such a *****, enjoy having your lunch eaten.
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    I would rather hit Cano. It will also be much easier to pul off for Britton as a lefty coming in against a lefty. Britton hitting Jeter will look much more blatantly obvious and run the risk of an ejection. If the team has any pride, someone will get hit tomorrow and I fully support it. Fat CC's reaction to Nick getting hurt is unacceptable, and you have to protect your guys regardless.
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    What a bunch of sissy's around here. I bet if someone beat you up you would try to talk it out afterwards and see why they did it, and.if there was anything you could do to help them.
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    Welp it was a nice season boys we should be proud. No playoffs but we should at least finish above 500.
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