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  1. Then he told the 3B ump "jk i knew it was a home run" I tapped, I talked, I conquered.
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  2. I think above all, I trust the Ravens judgement with this case. I'll yield to them. If they choose not to cut him, they must think they can work with him once they get him in camp. But if they do, they probably don't. They're much closer to it than any of us, and have the track record to be trusted with handling this appropriately.
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  3. Nice little Q&A with Hammel from the Fangraphs series. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/qa-jason-hammel-two-seam-evolution/
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  4. Get ahead and get the DP ball.
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  5. I thought I was told this game was over a few pages up.
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  7. The important thing is he didn't blow a bubble.
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  8. 1959 called. They want their stats back.
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  9. I must be missing something. The Orioles are 12-9. They've scored 101 runs and allowed 90 runs. Their pythagorean W-L record is 12-9. They're 4-4 in 1 run games this season and their winning streak in extra inning games just ended. Is there anything so far that indicates this is a fluke season? Maybe, they're just a good team. Like during the closing stretch last year.
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  10. Hey, COC, I have three years board seniority on you bud. You need to treat your elders nicely! :laughlol:
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  11. So what in the hell does this have to do with the McClain case? There is little doubt there are idiot cops out there in this country, but just because there are some, that doesn't mean these cops were in the wrong. I hate this kind of sentiment. Here's the deal, when the cops tell everyone to leave, you don't stand around and try and get everyone against them by yelling "F the cops" then try and walk away. BTW, I imagine most cops don't want to do the paperwork and take a lot more crap then you give them credit for. And sorry, I don't believe for a second because you are black that every cop i
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  12. Hey Mods, can we just sticky a thread for ripping Jones so the board won't get all cluttered up? (only half joking)
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  13. I'm not saying they only care about on field action. But I think they care less than you think they do. That doesn't mean I'm all the way on the other end of the spectrum. I'm trying to point out that currently (arrest or not) McClain is an asset to Ozzie for the draft on our roster. If they can't get a ILB for value, they don't have to take him. If they get him for value, by all means good riddance McClain. There are times when we put up with stupid players doing stupid things because they bring something to the roster. McKinnie was stupid, and spit in the Ravens face for the oppor
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  14. It seems there must be some underlying issue of which I am unaware ... I do not see any reason for such a personal attack based on the posts in this thread. Appreciate the advice on taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Don't know how I managed to earn scholarships for a private HS in this area, undergrad and law school. Or managed to earn my BS, JD and admission to a state bar without your words of wisdom. Or managed to pay off two rental properties or have cash flow to pay off the mortgage on the house I inhabit ... all from a guy raised in a single parent household with no members of my exten
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  15. I would like to see some kind of documentation of his long history - as I understand it, this is his third encounter with LEOs. One of the incidents (with the gun) sounds pretty significant. This current incident and the tinted windows incident are the only others to my knowledge. There must be something else I'm missing - if you can, please support the point and link to the info. Do you also think it's "utter nonsense" to hope Ozzie takes the step best suited to protect the team? Or is it "utter nonsense" to assert that not every police officer ever to wear badge has been completely 100%
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