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  1. Best line of the day bar none!
  2. Interesting. I haven't looked it up, but I wonder what's the HR rate compare to last year? I also would like to know the average game time (minus the 7-inning games) vs last year. BTW, I'm not asking you look it up, just wondering aloud.
  3. Yeah, I can't remember so many calls getting called outside of the box this consistently by each umpire. It's not just the TV box either, you can go look at the pitch locations in baseball savant and see how many are well off the plate by a ball or two getting called strikes.
  4. Might be, but it does seem like the strikezones have been expanded by the human umps.
  5. I still think Hays is going to be a good players, he's just starting off in a bad funk. I don't think Mullins is a major league hitter and Stewart is 4th/5th outfield guy.
  6. He has been a bit unlucky, but his 85.9 exit velocity is not good all. He's had some bad calls against him, but again, maybe he should try not getting behind 0-2 every at bat?
  7. My son, "That Austin Hays guy is terrible. He can't hit. Every time I watch him he gets out." All I had was, ""He hit good last year. He's been pretty awful so far this year no doubt." Honestly, it's only 10 games in, but wow, he has been a major disappointment so far in 2020.
  8. Marlins just pulling in guys from the local men's leagues to shut down the Orioles offense.
  9. The way this team is hitting, the score might as well be 12-0.
  10. We're just going to have to agree to disagree. I don't think Elias has any intent on trying to improve this team. He's goal is to give guys opportunities in order to evaluate them for the future first and foremost. His trade of Bleier weakened the bullpen, so how does that strengthen the team? Are you expecting an actual good prospect in return? Why would the Marlins give up a good prospect for a 33-year old reliever when they were literally trying to scratch together a roster? If it was contending team I could see the potential to get some kind of return, but it appears Elias saw this as an opportunity to strengthen the roster of a team that will be competing with the Orioles most likely for one of the worse records over the last two seasons which is what I think MLB will take into consideration when they set the order for the 2021 draft.
  11. I think everything Elias does is with the big goal in mind and winning this season does nothing to help that. He went into this season knowing he was "tanking" once again and although he can never say this publicly, you don't trade away one of your best relievers a week into the season to another team that may be competing with you for worse record overall unless you have the big picture in mind. Obviously there are so many wild cards this year that really anything could happen, but let's be honest here, it does not do this franchise any good to just miss out on the expanded playoffs and then lose draft position in 2021 draft. I imagine trades of Givens, LeBlanc and Milone to happen if they continue to pitch well and especially if the Orioles find ways to keep winning.
  12. I'm thinking the MLB needs to definitely put the 2020 and 2019 records together to sort out the draft next year. No way they can go off this weird 2020 mini season.
  13. True, and they will probably be good enough to make the playoffs because of their pitching, particularly their bullpen. This is such a wild card year though it's crazy. Who really knows?
  14. I know my vote! I think Tampa is not nearly as good as we thought they were going to be. That offense is not going to scare anyone.
  15. Seriously piss poor effort by the Orioles hitters tonight. Pretty embarrassing to get 3-hit shutout from a team that hasn't played in a week.
  16. He has been awful this year but it's still early. Think you gotta run him out there this year and see what they got. Saying that, I don't think he's an everyday big leaguer.
  17. If I was swinging the bat like Stewart, I'd be happy to take a walk too.
  18. Probably all part of Elias' master plan to have this team lose. Send one of best relievers to an NL East team to help them beat us. i give the Marlins credit a bit, even though they are a rebuilding team, they are at least trying a bit to put on a competing team. Meanwhile the Orioles are trading away any decent player and running Chris Davis out there every night.
  19. Anything hit that far should of had a flight attendant on it!
  20. Watching a 'rona ravished Marlins team put together with guys off the scrap heap just beat up on the Orioles is a little disappointing. Not that I thought this team was any good, but c'mon, you gonna get shutdown and beat up by the scrapheap cooties gang?
  21. I tend to agree with you. I've heard some others things too but rather not spread them them without conformation.
  22. Agreed. He obviously needs to make the choice that he felt is best, but if I'm a major league GM, I've got to question whether he has the heart to be a good major league pitcher when he's getting a golden opportunity and choosing to walk away from it. I know he's got stage one diabetes, and again, he's gotta do what he feels is best, but this can not help his standing within the organization no matter what they say publicly. The club and Hyde are saying all the right things though. Nice job by the organization in how they are handling this situation. Like everything in life, one man's concern becomes another man's opportunity. Tom Eshelman now gets an opportunity to get some major league innings and gets a chance to prove his statcast numbers wrong. Maybe he's the pitching version of Hanser Alberto?
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