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  1. Wow we agree on something, did hell just freeze over? 😳 😁
  2. And Maryland doesn't need its next coach to come at the expense of another blue blood. (And no one's about to tie bill self with the MD job.) Maryland can at least make a serious run at the HC currently at any of the schools ranked from 15-40. Its possible that some of those coaches will not take the Maryland job for various personal reasons. But they'd all have more than token interest. I don't think you can say that about Iowa, TT, or even Alabama.
  3. I think that the lack if good classes is on the coach, not the school. I don't think a school can fall that fast from being a top tier HC destination unless there is some major scandal involved, or unless you can show me that a large number of schools that leapfrogged them have demonstrably been able to overcome the infrastructure gap (e.g. brand new facilities, etc.) I would call Duke a top job even if both Scheyer amd the coach that follows him bombed and they weren't elite for 20 years, especially if they were still semi decent. UNC was still a strong enough program to poach a coach from
  4. Again, were not judging state of the program.. If TT were a clearly better HC job then they would have been able to make a splashy hire after Beard left, or they would have been able to convince Beard to stay. They did neither of those things. If FSU were a clearly better HC job then you should be able to say definitively that if Hamilton retired, the Terps wouldn't be able to beat out FSU. I'd argue that right now the Terps would definitively beat out both schools. Same applies to Iowa. And I think this is evident in these schools' hiring history. These schools have not shown an ability
  5. Recent NBA picks don't matter that much to an incoming coach. They're attributed to the coach that they worked under, not the school IMO. Texas Tech... their athletic budget is 2/3 of Maryland's and theyre in the red according to publicly available data. Compare that to Maryland, 5 million in the black. They cannot outbid Maryland and don't have as many built in recruiting advantages. And they've already proven that they can't necessarily keep a successful coach, or replace said departure with a splashy hire. FSU... ehh. It's a football school, they have older facil
  6. I think you're looking at it the wrong way by placing too much emphasis on the current state of the program. I of course don't think thry are currently a top-25 program. But Maryland was able to lure away P5 coaches from schools that are on your list for their last 2 coaching hires, including during a time when they were facing NCAA sanctions. On top of that, they were really close to luring away a coach (Sean Miller) from a program that I had listed as better than us. That's fact, not theory. I don't believe for a second that Turgeon's tenure here dropped the desirability of this job dow
  7. Then why are multiple basketball analysts calling this job a top-25 job and saying they think that Maryland has a legitimate chance to snag someone like Oats or Enfield or Musselman or Bruce Pearl? This isn't my opinion - I actually don't think we can lure away Oats because we can't pay him what Alabama can. But others think that this job is enticing enough that we could. Edit to add: you haven't actually given me any reasons why Maryland is worse as a HC destinstion than the 5 schools I listed. You literally just ad hominem in response.
  8. You listed 17 schools, plus the 12 schools I listed. That's 29. I think Maryland is definitively better than Iowa, FSU, USC, TAMU, and Tennessee. And Alabama as well. I could make a case for a few others on that list as well to put it inside the top 20, but I could go either way on those. Regardless I think that top-25 is the absolute floor for MD in terms of HC destination. I think that is different from saying Maryland is a top-25 program. Most of those programs have more recent success than Maryland, but for a prospective coach, potential matters as well, and Maryland's p
  9. There are a lot of published analysts without a dog in the race that have said on the record that MD a top-15 or top-20 job. I also think it unquestionably is. I'd challenge you to find 25 HC jobs that are definitively better than Maryland. Heres my list: Kansas Duke UNC Kentucky Virginia Gonzaga Michigan MSU Villanova UCLA Indiana Arizona I think after this you get into a nebulous blob of about 10-15 schools that Maryland is definitely a part of. Aside from Maryland, schools like OSU and Texas would belong her
  10. He recruited well pretty much until 2019. I think the Mitchell twins fiasco really screwed him, both in terms of future recruiting and in terms of roster construction for subsequent seasons.
  11. I don't really consider anything addressed with this move. I like to see moves that fill spots with positive WAR, not negative ones. It's possible that my bar is too high. This is the Orioles we're talking about.
  12. In what universe does this make any amount of sense? Yusei Kikuchi was available, as was Zach Davies and Matt Kuhl: all way preferable to this guy if we wanted depth. I can't believe we just forked over 7 million for a guy whose ceiling is maybe an eyelash over replacement level. I actually think Elias is crazy. If this is the kind if depth he's going to sign then we will never be a winning franchise under him. By the way, I really wanted us to hire Kim Ng, and I'm increasingly convinced that she is going to guide the Marlins to the playoffs before the Orioles make it
  13. So I think VT won on that blocked layup that somehow made it in the basket. And if this was the team's first, or even 2nd, loss this year, I'd be a little more lenient. But it's our 3rd loss and this game was winnable. I'm getting a lot closer to the fire turgeon camp. Russell doesn't play like a Turgeon point guard and the team doesn't play in transition enough to take advantage of his strengths.
  14. Not trying to poo-poo Trey Mancini, but coming back to play while still undergoing chemotherapy and then hitting a walk-off in the playoffs was just the stuff of legends.
  15. I don't blame Jones for not swinging at that pitch one bit. The hell is the ump looking at there? Pitch was 6 inches inside.
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