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  1. Arrieta's problem was that he overthought things, and having 4 pitches to try to throw for strikes didn't help. Take away two of his pitches - the curve and change, have him just focus on his fastball and slider, and he could dominate IMO.
  2. Arrieta had dominant stuff early and fell apart the second time through the order. Career wise, pitches 1-25 he had a .236/.294/.368/.662 line against.
  3. Right. I think Jorge Julio would qualify though. 21.1 IP in 2001 and took over closing in 2002. He got 3rd place for RoY and then it was all downhill from there...
  4. Chris Ray? Or did he lose rookie status the year before?
  5. It's not running him out of town because he's terrible, it's about allocating 10% of your payroll to a guy that has been worth 1 win over replacement this season when you can get that 1 WAR a heck of a lot cheaper.
  6. A couple of other names to think about for the closer role - Steve Johnson and Miguel Gonzalez. Johnson would get a ton of K's and I think Gonzalez could be a lights out type of guy as he's shown when he's on. His problem has always been stamina.
  7. George Sherrill was a matchup guy too that we converted into a closer. Had we kept Jake Arrieta, that is the role I thought he was perfect for.
  8. Bingo. The Orioles would lose versatility off the bench if they bring back Roberts. Better to sign somebody like Michael Young and have Flaherty on the bench in Roberts' place.
  9. Keeping Johnson and tying up that much money in a closer makes no sense unless you are going to raise payroll significantly. I am pretty confident somebody like Darren O'Day could step in to the role and do just as good for less.
  10. Plenty of teams still overvalue catchers, so Wieters would have plenty of suitors. Wieters would be cheaper than McCann, so the Braves could be interested.
  11. I think Duquette targeted Clevenger. And I'd platoon him with a veteran backup anyway but Buck wouldn't have many other options so he'd be forced to play him.
  12. The Orioles went to the ALCS twice with probably the worst defensive catchers in baseball. The catcher position is valuable, but Wieters is not irreplaceable.
  13. The drop off wouldn't be as large as you would think as other teams with catchers not named Matt Wieters are in the playoffs. You make up the value elsewhere.
  14. You don't bring back much salary as you look for pre-arb guys with upside that have options. And if we can't find a dance partner for the relievers, I just non-tender them. I'm sure we can find a taker for Wieters without eating salary.
  15. Keep in mind we are getting rid of Roberts, Betemit, McLouth as well so there are savings there I'm not sure you accounted for. As for Butler, Ed Rodriguez is a price I'm more than willing to pay. And maybe they'd want somebody like Hunter or Matusz.
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