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  1. I am so sorry that I'm going to miss this! I got a call from my job recruiter yesterday afternoon. I have a job interview today. At 2:00...
  2. I think it matters in that it would (could...) show the O's that he's fully recovered, speedy as again and all. I guarantee if not Elias himself down there, the O's will have eyes on him. It's more like ST. It's not about the numbers he puts up but how does he look?
  3. GREAT thing about Boston... as much as their offense can light up the scoreboard, their PITCHING can light it up with the worst of them too!!! LOL!!! NOTSFW!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. From the 10-20 game at Fenway, a fan sign from the 3B side: I had a really good sign but the Astros STOLE IT
  5. ^^^ That's unbiased commentary but if it works as a reverse jinx too... ALL THE BETTER!
  6. Pitched very well. What scares me is this Red Sox offense is REALLY starting to roll. And just at the right time. As much as I keep hoping, I don't think anyone can take them down right now...
  7. Just now saw this. Prayers going out. And like SG said, F cancer!
  8. scOtt

    Paul Fry

    He said he thought that because it was all TB. Had like 2.98 ERA against everyone else. Like TB picked something up.
  9. It's not just disagreement, your position is almost untenable. That's a solid, middle-of-the-order hitter. You just want to chuck him by the wayside and bring up or bring in WHO? Adley isn't going to light the world on fire this year.
  10. I edited my post because ESPN's formatting is crap and UNusable!
  11. 147 G, 556 PA, 77 R, 142 H, 33 doubles, 21 HR, 71 RBI. Numbers this young team needs every day. Just to not wilt and die. WAR can eat crap and die.
  12. Both. But most importantly as a player. He put up numbers this year. In line with his career averages. Next year should be at least as good with a full, healthy workout. Couple years (extension!) should be decent.
  13. some team vs. some team. I think the first one is the AL.
  14. I don't believe that. They get X for the ML roster. Y for scouting. Z for development of facilities and analytic equipment. You don't rob Peter to pay Paul. GOOD businesses don't anyways...
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