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  1. The O's pitching staff was an embarrassment in 2021. It is ridiculous how many starts they gave to people whose ERAs were north of 6--basically, every starter other than John Means and Bruce Zimmerman. They need to bring in some competent pitchers who can soak up innings, and Gant fits the bill.
  2. Good to hear that he is already undergoing chemotherapy and that he has the right mindset to beat this terrible enemy.
  3. Nice to see Kyle get off the schneid with his first home run at Norfolk tonight. What's not so nice is to see Durham's Shane Baz strike out 10 with only 1 ER allowed in 6 innings. He's the third piece that the Rays got in the infamous Chris Archer trade. He's only 22 years old and dominating in AAA--as if the Rays need more great young pitchers.
  4. Hyde should have had Sulser or someone other than Tanner Scott warmed up and ready to come in the game as soon as Akin gave up a hit. Then again, Wells blew the first game, so who knows if Sulser would have done any better. Elias will have to tell us whether 11 runs is the most scored in an inning by a team that entered a late inning being no-hit.
  5. I am sad to hear of his passing. He was surrounded by loved ones to the end which is comforting.
  6. I think it will require arbitration to determine whether a separate arbitrator needs to arbitrate whether new arbitrators are needed.
  7. Why wouldn't we care? Walks are an important way of getting on base, but just as importantly, the plate discipline required to draw walks also means that Mountcastle will get more good pitches to hit, which will help his power numbers. Mountcastle still gives away some at bats, but at least to my untrained eye he has been much more selective over the last couple of months than he was at the start of the season. With further improvement (he is still only 24) I think he can have some MVP candidate-type seasons at his peak.
  8. Exactly--waiting for a pitch that you can drive is fine until there are two strikes. Then you need to change your approach--either look for a pitch that you can take the other way, or keep fouling off good pitches until the pitcher makes a mistake (like Sanchez did against Akin today, for example).
  9. If we're taking on even part of a bad contract like Corbin, we should be the ones getting prospects back.
  10. Watson could help himself by taking a walk once in a while. Currently he has 3 BB and 30 K in over 100 PA's in Bowie. Whatever the organization has been telling Ryan Mountcastle about patience, they need to tell Watson too--he has power and speed and could become a good major league player if he incorporated better plate discipline.
  11. A related but separate question: are the O's callup pitchers performing substantially worse than reasonable in-season projections based on their minor league numbers? Or are they pretty much doing exactly what a rational forecast would predict they would do?
  12. Guys like Konner Wade make me question the concept of "Replacement Level Pitcher". In theory, a replacement-level player is someone who is readily available on the waiver wire or on anyone's AAA roster, who you can grab and plug in on a moment's notice. So while an individual player who comes up from AAA may be above or below replacement level, there should not be a tendency for a team's callups to consistently be below replacement level. Yet it seems like almost everyone the Orioles have called up from AAA to soak up some innings this year has been terrible, well below the supposed "r
  13. I guess Ken Rosenthal and the players union would love it if the O's and other teams went back to giving out multimillion dollar contracts to "proven veteran" players like Jay Payton, Mike DeJean and Deivi Cruz. The fans, not so much.
  14. I'm surprised that so many people believe that Jones won't be protected this off-season. He came into this season with zero AAA experience, and a mediocre track record at AA. He was a toolsy guy who was picked high in the draft but hadn't produced much at the plate and had struggled defensively. So what's happened? He's spent essentially all season at Norfolk and has produced better in his first crack at AAA than he had previously at AA. He's only 24 years old and he still has speed, power and athleticism. And he was acquired straight up for Alex Cobb. He still needs to find a def
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