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  1. I hate the Nats because of Bryce Harper. And I don't care what people say. Hate a team for whatever reason you want. Love a team for whatever reason you want. It's a free country. :thumbsup1:
  2. I'll be there Friday and Sunday. If I see BobMC there, I'm getting a picture and making it my profile one on Facebook! :thumbsup1:
  3. Do restaurants/bars still have deals going on? Last year, Hooters did all you can eat / drink before the game plus an upper deck ticket for $X. Or are they all sold out already?
  4. MChance

    Solution at WR?

    No Ray Lewis in the locker room to keep Blackmon on the right track.
  5. Because teams only need one or two guys who 'can' do that ...
  6. MChance

    Game Thread

    First the power goes out at the Super Bowl, now lightning delay? Always turning the screws to the Ravens!
  7. He'll continue to stink it up until his contract year then cash in then continue to stink it up. Caleb Joseph FTW!
  8. You forgot to end your sentence with a period.
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