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  1. I don't think it matters if they go unclaimed or not. The O's have to sign some veteran pitchers to give them some consistency next year.
  2. Reportedly Grenier is major league ready defensively. His offense probably makes him a UIF candidate. He has to be protected from the Rule 5 draft or be exposed. I am not sure that Elias will protect him but he could. If he does then he probably begins the season as the AAA shortstop and is available for call up to the majors when injuries hit. If Elias does not protect him there is a decent chance he is taken in the Rule 5 draft as a UIF. I doubt Martin stays on the 40 man roster. Jones probably stays but starts the season at AAA.
  3. Mullins is the only O's outfielder that reasonably can be projected to be both productive and healthy. Santander and Hays project to miss time on the IL. And there is no telling how early in the season that could happen. McKenna does not project to hit in the majors. Might happen but hard to project. Stowers and Neustrom should probably be planned to begin the year at AAA. Stewart or his replacement is needed early in the season until Stower or Neustrom are deemed ready for promotion by O's management. Now if Elias can find a cheap, optionable outfielder that is better than St
  4. I think both Neustrom and Stewart are protected.
  5. Neustrom needs to be protected so he is not claimed.
  6. I was only considering games where I thought he got regular playing time. I don't have any insight into why he didn't play more games in the Dominican. Was he injured? Was there someone the manager wanted to play more than him? But he did well so I suspect his at bats came close together. There were reports when Mateo's was claimed that the part time play caused him to not hit well. That he had not gotten a full chance in the majors. And Elias/Hyde committed to play him everyday. And he hit better. So I think going into ST the plan will be to get Mateo regular playing time and
  7. He was not getting everyday at bats in San Diego. When he gets everyday at bats he does better.
  8. So what does video tell you about Mateo's range and defensive abilities?
  9. Mateo OPS in the Dominican over the years Age 21 477 OPS Age 22 617 OPS Age 23 537 OPS Age 24 524 OPS Age 24 834 OPS at AAA (PCL) in 566 PA Age 25 844 OPS in Dominican Age 26 748 OPS playing everyday for the O's Age 26 ??? in the Dominican Mateo may have progressed
  10. Just a little bit of history and some questions. The answers will be determined by Mateo play and the O's management's judgement. Health Mateo left the O's September 12th game with a back injury. That ended his season. He will have 6 weeks of rest and rehab before the Dominican season which begins on October 27th. Will he be healed and ready to play? History Mateo has played SS for the Toros del Este team in the Dominican for that last 4 years according to BB Ref. (He played a little 2B as well in 2016.) If Mateo does that again this off season the O's will no dou
  11. Video is only better that range factor if the watcher has the knowledge and perspective to interpret it properly. Some fans can look at video and not come to the same opinion about how good or bad a player's range is. And players are not always consistent in their play, so a watcher has to look at a lot of video to understand the players best/average/ poor range. So video is good for you but not everyone.
  12. I have no problem with McKenna as a backup defensive outfielder. Just don't expect much from his offense if Hays or Santander are injured. The O's need to give Mateo playing time at SS/2B to see what he can offer. The infield is thin even if they add a Galvis or someone similar. Mateo is fast and he can run around the outfield but I think the infield is his future if he can take advantage of the opportunity given him.
  13. I will not disagree with the assessment of Stewart's mediocrity. The question of what keeps him on the 40 man roster is that is cheap, optionable and that Stowers and Neustrom still need some time in the minors. That time could be as little as a couple of months of the 2022 season. Elias could replace Stewart with someone off the waiver wire. That is certainly possible. However, I do see the need for an outfielder that can step in if Hays and/or Santander are hurt early in the season. McKenna concerns me with his bat. A pitcher with a good fastball will take around three pit
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