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  1. Check out http://www.sennicam.com/snlcelebjeop.htm :-)
  2. No.. but did you? Also, I'm older and better looking than Southernbird... and while I can't do a South African accent I can do a wonderful Sean Connery.... well it's not so much Sean Connery as it's Darrell Hammond doing Sean Connery on Saturday Night Live's jeapordy parody. And... I used to live in Boston. :-) (Sorry Yud's... I hadn't seen your obviously encouraging dialog when I posted).
  3. I've read your blog. I'm officially and completely in love with you. A smart girl who loves baseball. Does it get any better?
  4. Is a cap of smartness like a cone of silence?
  5. Who are you and what have you done with SouthernBird? Seriously, just tell us where he is and this thing need go no further. We just want SouthernBird back and unharmed.
  6. Reboulet has a better batting average and .obp than manny alexander. He also (go figure) has a better .obp than Tony Batista. Which begs the question - Why wasn't Tony on the list?
  7. You could be wrong. Who could we have traded Hairston and those two prospects for that would have made us a contender? Since you're apparently big on challenges... I challenge you to tell me who. I don't think there's anybody that we could have traded Jerry and those prospects for that immediately makes us a contender. I'm dissapointed that some of the other deals didn't work out. But we traded from depth and we got someone who, at the very least, will increase attendence.
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