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  1. It's a problem. You can't flip a switch and suddenly be cool. The closest I can get my kids to watch a baseball game is Youtube highlights. Or physically take them to OPACY. But they won't watch a whole game of anything, even a two-hour soccer match, and they're good soccer players who love to wear their favorite team's gear.
  2. Jim Traber had a .949 OPS in his first five weeks in the majors in '86. Outside of that his MLB OPS was about .550. He hit about .150 in Earl's last forgettable month as a major league manager.
  3. Dave Johnson was just good enough at exactly the right moment in '89. People say Pete Rose got more out of his talent than anyone else. But Johnson threw about 83 mph. He had nothin'. If a 29-year old version of Johnson showed up to Orioles spring training this year you'd check Elias' sanity. He had 26 strikeouts in 89 innings. And he started the most important game of the 1989 Major League season and almost won the thing. In his MLB career base stealers were 4-for-17 off him.
  4. The DiMaggio streak would be more vulnerable if there were conditions where somebody could hit .400. It's been 10 years since anyone hit .350! I know nobody listens to me, but I'd much rather have a league that hits .290 with five Ks a game than .250 with 10, which is basically what we have now. And if Scooter Gennett can hit four homers in a game, is it really that unlikely that someone hits five? Might as well be someone like Ryan Mountcastle.
  5. Just wait for 50 or 100 years from now when the world's population grown rate is negative. If your business model is grow every year or quit you may be in for a bit of a shock.
  6. There's an assumption across a lot of businesses that if you're not growing a lot, you're failing. I don't think it's catastrophic if baseball and other sports sometimes have a period where they have to retrench and rethink how their models work. They shouldn't expect weird market quirks like countless people who don't like sports paying $6 a month for ESPN to continue or even grow forever.
  7. Yes. Berg is interesting, but he comes across as a little bit of a poseur, and a bit creepy and weird.
  8. For about 11 of his 15 years in the majors he was a third catcher, basically a bullpen catcher who'd come in the game if someone got hurt or something. My understanding is that he was active on the roster the whole year in '30, '31, '38, and '39 when he played 20 games or less a season. Just hanging out in the pen, telling the relievers stories about that one time he went to Japan. In '39 he made the 2020 equivalent of $75k for playing a game in May, a game in July, 10 games in August, and one in September.
  9. OOTP is deep, but not quite that deep. From one of the developers: My solution would be to not have an extra roster spot because, really. You can't manage a 25/26-man roster for a season like pretty much everyone has done for 120 years? Especially now with the 3-batter rule, you don't have to have five guys who just face one batter a game. I'd prefer a game with 21-man rosters where managers would really have hard choices, not just figuring out if their 8th- or 9th-best reliever was juuuust right for two out in the 7th. Strategy comes from difficult, unintuitive decisions. Not from acquiescing to managers' desires to do anything they want at any moment.
  10. Belated Happy Birthday, Tony. I haven't started by OOTP season yet, still importing my league's distant past one player at a time.
  11. It should, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I grew up staring at the Baseball Encyclopedia page with "1897, Keeler, .432". You don't need no homers or walks or whatever when you hit 200 singles in a 130-game schedule.
  12. One of many things I haven't seen is a batting title. The only modern Oriole to win one was Frank, five years before I was born and with the 3rd-lowest mark in league history. In my lifetime I want to see an Oriole hit .400. That seems likely.
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