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  1. This guy is going to have to get at least one full, healthy season in to get to his maximum trade value. The question is do you hold on to him and give him the chance to do that next year or do you think he probably isn't capable of it and go ahead and trade him this offseason. I could argue both ways, it will be interesting to see what they do.
  2. With that arm they need to try to talk him into giving pitching a try.
  3. For 1000 allowed for the season. Can they do it?
  4. Morbid curiosity now. How many can they give up? What's the record?
  5. It will feel a lot better when Green is in the Orange and Black.
  6. Painful but necessary. We need 1:1
  7. Almost 50 games under .500? In September? With the Royals in town? They're lucky anybody's there.
  8. Fake a massive COVID outbreak and forfeit a bunch of games. Losing all these games and the 1st pick too would just be adding insult to injury.
  9. This would be a clutch loss with Arizona just a half-game back in the 1st pick sweepstakes. Let's see if they can push it in (opposite of pull it out).
  10. I know we need starters but we need relievers too. If it ain't broke don't fix it - leave him in the bullpen.
  11. Still 3 games better than the 2018 team after 130 games. Kind of mind-boggling when 40-90 is not the worst you've been in the last four seasons.
  12. Man, it's almost like he has gained experience and gotten better. You would think that's impossible if you listen to many on this board (and fans in general to be fair). This really needs to be kept in mind as this rebuild continues - all these young guys are going to struggle some (even the vaunted Rutchsman and Gonzalez), got to stay with them.
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