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  1. I would go with Darell Hernaiz. Just turned 20. He held his own at 19 in low A. He can play middle INF. They say he has average tools across the board so the power may increase a bit as he matures. I think his floor is probably a utility guy but I think he's got a chance to shoot up the board next year.
  2. No problem with your list but I am very down on Baumann after seeing him in September. As Tony, I think, said, he didn't even look like a future ML reliever. I would have him significantly lower.
  3. I could see Deson this high but not Willems, so I went Bradish/Vavra.
  4. Wright threw those first two games and had great results and showed mid 90's velocity. He never really showed a good breaking pitch or changeup although the changeup wasn't horrible. I didn't have a problem with Baumann's mound presence but I didn't care for his mechanics (I can't put it into words). He seemed like he slinged the ball or his arm dragged behind his body. I didn't see any secondaries that looked good and he didn't show good command of the fastball when I saw him. The velocity was mostly 92-94. He didn't strike me as a potential high leverage reliever or a back-en
  5. I'd like to hear what you like about Rhodes. He had a decent debut season and I certainly am hopeful that he becomes a big time prospect. He didn't strike out a lot and held his own but he also didn't flash gaudy power numbers either.
  6. Tony has said he holds out more hope for Bradish as a starter than Baumann. His power rankings and comments are high on Vavra. Bradish/Vavra.
  7. Would you have been in favor of adding some journeyman starters last offseason and not starting the season with Akin and Kremer in the rotation? If Akin and Kremer had been just medoliocre last year, which I think was a reasonable hope/expectation after 2020, the team would have seen significant improvement. They looked decent at the end of 2020.
  8. You'd expect it if that was the focus.
  9. I believe last spring when he had to be shutdown again someone posted rumors of him possibly having anxiety issues or a lack of desire to play baseball.
  10. You can see the difference between Kjerstad's swing and Cowser's and see why Kjerstad generates so much power and Cowser much less. Kjerstad with low hands and all hips. A lot of leverage in that swing.
  11. I agree on Pinto. After seeing Baumann, at the end of the year and seeing the video of Pinto, I'd definitely have Pinto above Baumann. Baumann was very unimpressive and I have to think he's never been quite the same since his injury. Going with that reasoning I guess I could see the Rom/Basallo combo going here but I expected to see Pinto at #11.
  12. I don't think there's anyway that Tony has Maikol Hernandez this high. Despite his pedigree as a high bonus Latin SS, he was still way down in the DSL and didn't have much of a season. I went with Bradish/Baumann although I'm more confident of the Bradish half of this equation. Just didn't believe any of the other combinations although I could buy into Basallo being this high. I guess Rom/Basallo would be my 2nd choice.
  13. Again, how easy is it to draft a #1 or #2 pitcher? We all know the answer to that one. It's really difficult even at the top of the draft. Trading for established ML pitchers will be very costly. Right now, it's obvious that the plan so far has been to trade from non-established, non-elite pitching prospects and hope you get a little lucky. That has gotten us Bradish and Pinto among others. They are hoping to get lucky with the Latin American program but that will take years as well. Elias was lucky enough to inherit Hall and Rodriguez so there was less urgency to try
  14. No publications rated him that highly. No one knows how other scouting directors/teams had him rated.
  15. Do you have to average over 95 to qualify as having an upper 90's fastball? He may not have a Hall or Rodriguez fastball but he might be just below those guys going by the reports I read on here. Jean Pinto just made his Delmarva debut. Was 95-97, with a 88-91 mph changeup with drop and fade, 88 mph slider, and an 83 MPH curveball. Struck out 2 of 3 batters he faced in the 1st inning. Definitely just showed up on the prospect scene!
  16. I agree that it's probably Norby here but I like Pinto here, myself. I think he took off this year. And for the poster who lumped in Rom and Pinto together suggesting they both had marginal stuff, I disagree.
  17. Sure but Westburg basically did in AA what Henderson did in High A and Westburg doesn't exhibit as much swing and miss as Henderson. Henderson's upside is a power hitting SS. Westburg's upside is a power hitting SS. Westburg has a better chance of hitting that upside at this point, IMO.
  18. I'm on a hot streak this year. I went with Westburg over Henderson. Similar upside but the floor is just higher with Westburg.
  19. Hays put up a .758 OPS at Norfolk as a 23 year old. Just saying. I don't think he's any threat to them at the moment either but he might be a threat to either one of them by next May. Might.
  20. I think the odds greatly favor all 3 but expect many more DSL players to begin in the FCL next year.
  21. Interesting. Basallo, Maikol Hernandez and De los Santos are the only three who played in the DSL only this year. Basallo and Hernandez were the two highest profile signins. De los Santos, arguably, the top peformer. Luis Gonzalez, the highest profile signing from two years ago along with Luis Ortiz (who is not there) the pitcher, is also there.
  22. RZNJ

    Colton Cowser 2021

    I'd have to re-read the interviews. He's enthusiastic which is fine. Does he misstate things? That would different. If someone said Mountcastle had a 50 arm when he was a prospect then we'd be less trusting of that guy's opinion. So, if you are going to be crtical of Matt Blood or accuse him of drinking to much Orange Kool-Aid then where has he been inaccurate in his description of individual prospects?
  23. I'll settle for the pitching version of Mayo.
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